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Right It’s 2009, better write a post
January 9, 2009, 10:04 am
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Well a Happy New Year to all my readers! I was planning a meaningful yearly round-up and several Xmas treats, but alas I got way-laid by the Christmas spirit and have been neglecting the duties of my blog. Morris dancing has been in the news, with the Morris ring putting out a press release warning that it may be extinct within 20 years. The Morris ring loves nothing better than a bit of scaremongering to catapult Morris into the headlines. The reality is that their antiquated attitudes to women dancing in Morris sides has caused one strand of the tradition to become frozen in time, as other new forms of Morris continue to develop and grow as a living tradition. Luckily The Morris Federation exists as an alternative for sides that are a bit more with the times. I was on my local radio station as a relatively young dancer, and did my best to discredit the myth that you need a Beard to dance although I perhaps seemed a little too enthusiastic about ale…

 The New Year continues to get off to an odd start, as I’ve been asked to abseil off a building at work in order to promote Health & Safety. Apparently they want a Union Officer to be involved, part of me wonders quite how safe abseiling really is, and whether this isn’t an elaborate ploy to rid the workplace of a troublesome Union rep… Watch this space.

 Norman Baker who seems to be one of those rare MPs I actually quite like has uncovered the fact that 62,584 people have been stopped and searched at railway stations under anti-terror legislation. This legislation was meant to be deployed to deal with specific terrorist threats, but is now used to routinely hassle people and invade their basic right to go about their private lives without interference from the state. One wonders who many of these dastardly terrorist our constably has caught with this tactic. There are reports of these stop and searches being carried out to targets, and as such I’ve but in a Freedom of Information Request to British Transport Police to determine if this is the case at a nearby station that I often pass through and see officers stopping people for no good reason.

 So it seems to be busy as usual in 2009 as far as the assault on our civil liberties is concerned.


Not a celebrity or Brand in Sight - Sticks, Morris and Mayhem in 21st Century Britain

Not a celebrity or Brand in Sight - Sticks, Morris and Mayhem in 21st Century Britain



Private Bailiffs to be given power to use force and violence to reclaim debts.
December 23, 2008, 2:32 pm
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As Christmas comes the Government has a present for all the debt ridden British people. If you don’t pay your debts the Bailiffs can kick down your door and use reasonable force to pin you down if your resist. A bunch of private companies, breaking into people’s homes reclaiming wealth for lenders. Let’s bear in mind that the Government is seeking to enforce ID cards through a series of Civil fines, so any falling foul of that scheme could find Mr Bailiff breaking down their door too.  More often then not it will be the same creditors and lenders that we as British Taxpayers have just bailed out to the tune of Billions. As Capitalism spirals further and further out of control the Government is showing its true colours in protecting the wealth of the banking elite, whilst people up and down the country are placed in fear of having their front doors smashed in, as they are pinned up against the wall and their possession are taken from them. The revolt in Greece has spread to protests across Europe, and in recent days mass protests in Iceland have been occurring as people come together in criticism of the capitalist banking system. With laws like this being proposed who can blame people for being angry?

Revolt against capitalism spreads to Iceland

Revolt against capitalism spreads to Iceland

Jacqui – “I get by with a little help from my friends”
December 22, 2008, 9:59 am
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Allies – Who in the world could live without them? Possibly Machiavelli or Nietzsche I guess. In the world of politics allies should be those who share an ideology based on reason. Often political allies are those who have something to benefit from the allegiance, and will happily side with the party that best represents these interests. We could go into other forms of allegiance, those based on land, loyalty, love or duty.

Powerful political allies are important, they further your political cause, strive alongside you to change the world. Like all politicians our very own Home Secretary Jacqui Smith needs allies too. She is lucky to have stalwart advocates fighting her important causes. Enduringly a beacon of support had burnt bright for Jacqui amongst the critics of her schemes, for instance ID cards. A brave letter writing campaign in the Redditch Advertiser (Jacqui’s local paper) has been the shining beacon of support for Smith. The author Richard Timmy has been defending her ID card scheme with righteous prose:

‘The national identity scheme will deliver a single secure form of identity which will provide all of us with an easy and convenient means of proving our identity, prevent and protect us from identity theft and fraud, reassure us all that workers in positions of trust are who they say they are, protect the country from illegal immigration and make it harder for criminals to use false or multiple identities.’

That sounds suspiciously like the Home Office line on the issue, it’s almost like Mr Timmy has some kind of connection with those people extolling the scheme’s virtues. Oh but wait…. It’s the same Richard Timmy who is paid £40,000 a year to act as Jacqui’s common’s adviser, the same common’s adviser who also happens to be married to the person he’s paid to advise? Oh no, surely Jacqui’s own husband hasn’t been writing a series of letters defending ID cards just to earn brownie points with his Misuses. I can imagine it now:

Richard: “No darling, don’t listen to those nasty opponents of ID cards.”

Smith: “What really you think it’s a good idea?”

Richard: “Yes of course my love, you are bringing this scheme in for the good of our glorious nation and the party”

Smith: “but no one else thinks this way, they mock me at the dispatch box”

Richard: “Yes but darling, I do. Look I’ve written another letter to the Redditch advertiser, it’s bound to convince some more people your right.

Smith: “Oh Richard, you are kind. I wuv you so very much”

Richard: “ Oh Jacqui, I wuv you too…. ….mmm… Jacqui.. will you do that tough Home Secretary act in bed again? You know how having you give me a control order gets me all excited.

Our Democracy is not FIT
December 19, 2008, 2:26 pm
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As regular readers will know Moon has little love of FIT (Forward Intelligence Teams). These people get paid to basically hang around collecting information on people at protests, or when there are no protest harassing chavs on council estates. A sort of bastard latter day Stasi born from Neo-labours war on ‘terror’. The result of this action whether intentional or not is to cause fear amongst activist. This in turn puts people off participating in legitimate political protest, helpfully quashing dissent against our Dear Leader Brown. FIT are also closely linked to the NETCU (National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit) and other similar teams. NETCU is a concern to me as they blur the lines between legitimate political protest, direct action and terrorism. For example legitimate political protest is listed as the first of three stages leading towards criminal actions and ‘home visits’ on their site. The suspicion is that anyone undertaking political protest is on the first stage of becoming an ‘extremist’. Remember folks political protest is the first stage of a domestic extermism campaign.. They also warn how the ‘target’ could be posted on extermist websites like http://blog.geeklawyer.org/

These teams are also involved in the propaganda of painting political activists as extremists, for example the Observer article that portrays Earth First as terrorists. Since writing that blog articule the Observer has embarrassingly pulled the story after a flood of readers complained at their printing of Police State propaganda.

Most alarmingly during a recent court case, where three political activists were accused (and later found guilty) of obstructing a FIT officer from taking photographs, an admission in court was made by PC Dan Collins:

“Is there a mechanism to check which demonstrations [the defendant] has attended?” asked the defence.

“Not just [the defendant]. Thousands of people” he replied.

“And the system could check on just one individual?”

“Not me personally. But the police could, yes.”

This is the first time that the police have publicly admitted to keeping a database on people who have attended political protests, although in truth such a system has probably existed for some time. As police surpression is nothing new. It raises serious concerns as to whether such a system is in Breach of Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights (at least untill Straw is able to ‘balance’ the act). The knowledge of such a system will also again scare a number of legitimate political activists from engaging in protests for fear of becoming a suspect or being marked as an extremist by the state.

Naked Hiker sent down for 12mths.
December 19, 2008, 1:51 pm
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The right to be naked is one that Moon would like to selective apply to portions of the population deemed suitable by a public standard committee. Naturalist martyr Stephen Gough takes a different view. Philosophically I agree with him, the taboo of viewing the naked body is I suspect linked to unhealthy notions of sin and flesh. Anyway Stephen or the Naked rambler as he is otherwise known would like to be walking up and down the country. Instead he has spent most of the past 2 ½ years in Jail for public order offenses. He was arrested for breach of the peace upon leaving a trial naked where he had just been acquitted of breach of the peace. Rather than allow this man to live his live skyclad wandering the breadth of the country he has instead been sent down for 12mths.

Greek Embassy in London Is Occupied
December 8, 2008, 2:33 pm
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The picture below has now been released onto the internet of the Occupation of the Greek Embassy in London. Police have surrounded a group of protestors who appear to have barricaded themselves onto a balcony outside the front of the building. There are reports that people are inside but it is at the moment unclear.

Anarchy in the UK

Anarchy in the UK

Greek Anarchist fight back for Freedom
December 8, 2008, 12:01 pm
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Rioting has broken out in several Greek cities and there is an unconfirmed report that the Greek Embassy in London has just been occupied. This follows on from the murder of a 16 year old kid by Greek by Police, which is the latest in a string of violent police aggressions. To give due credit to the Greek authorities at least this bastard has been arrested and charged with murder, unlike the met who can murder people with only a minimal fuss. Anarchists have been taking the fight to the police, as this You Tube showing an attack on a Riot Police HQ shows:

A previous planned general strike is to take place on Wednesday, so the Greek state is starting to look in a somewhat precious situation. It’s heartning to know the torch of freedom still burns in the birth place of democracy.

PS It’s a shame that people only associate anarchism with violence, in truth violence is not what anarchism is about, but what people force it to be about.