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Extreme Urban Photography
January 13, 2009, 12:13 pm
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Photography is not the boring hobby it used to be, these days Photography is an illicit underground activity that can land you in trouble with the fuzz. As such it has now become cool!


The Offical Rules as published by the Legion of Dynamic Discord Ltd.


Take a picture in a ‘sensitive area’ and upload it onto the web. These days sensitive areas can be defined as follows:


  • Any public space


The more suspicious your picture is the higher the kudos gained! Extra kudos can be gained by doing the following:


  • Setting up a blog to host Extreme Urban Photographs
  • Blogging, Twitting or videoing your Extreme Photography sessions
  • Taking pictures of PCSO’s, Police Constables or Members of the Armed Forces.
  • Getting Stopped and Searched Under Sec 44 of the Terrorism Act (earn double points if stopped whilst taking a photo of something already in the public domain)


Hurry Kids although Extreme Photography is not a blood sport, that doesn’t mean it won’t soon be outlawed!


N.B Google is barred from participation on account of the head start it has.


Copyright ©Legion of Dynamic Discord Ltd. 2009



Greek Embassy in London Is Occupied
December 8, 2008, 2:33 pm
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The picture below has now been released onto the internet of the Occupation of the Greek Embassy in London. Police have surrounded a group of protestors who appear to have barricaded themselves onto a balcony outside the front of the building. There are reports that people are inside but it is at the moment unclear.

Anarchy in the UK

Anarchy in the UK

Jacqui Smith’s Zeitgeist
December 5, 2008, 3:48 pm
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I thought it might be heartening for some of the people who read my blog to have a look at the Jacqui Smith search terms that are finding their way here:



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Doubts are raised over effectiveness of new ID cards..
December 2, 2008, 1:27 pm
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People were reassured that he had the correct documents

People were reassured that he had the correct documents

Terroism Act 2008 Damaging overview of the Police?
November 11, 2008, 9:48 am
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The Terrorism Act 2008 has had a rocky ride through the parliamentary process. As part of the ongoing salvo against our civil liberties, this is perhaps unsurprising. The most notable rejection of the Act was over 42 day’s detention. The Baroness Hanham has however also moved an amendment NO 2:

Before clause 14, insert the following new Clause – “National guidelines on fingerprint and sample database(1) The Secretary of State shall by regulations publish national guidelines for governmental agencies establishing-

(a) a procedure by which a person can request a statement of what information relating to fingerprints and samples is held on them or on a dependent;

(b) a procedure by which a person can request that such information held on them or a dependent is destroyed

The Amended bill will now be passed back to the commons following another defeat in the Lords, albeit this time with a slim majority. It’s pleasing that the lords are taking the issue of DNA retention seriously, however there remains a another serious aspect of the bill that has received less immediate attention, to be inserted into clause 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000:

“58A Eliciting, publishing or communicating information about members of armed forces etc A person commits an offence who – (a) elicits or attempts to elicit information about an individual who is or has been-

(i) a member of Her Majesty’s forces,

(ii)a member of any of the intelligence services, or

(iii)a constable,

Which is of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, or (b) publishes or communicates any such information. It is a defense for a person charge with an offence under this section to prove that they had a reasonable excuse for their action.

A person guilty of an offense under this section is liable – (a) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or to a fine, or to both.

So hang on it will be an offense to collect information on police officers if the authorities suspect it might be used by terrorists. or to publish information about officers. There is a legal defense if the person can provide a reasonable excuse. That still involves an individual having to go through a trial to prove it! When you take this legislation in context of alarmist advertising warning people to be ‘suspicious’ of everyday activities that might be related to terrorism, or the 15 year old school boy that was stopped and searched under Sec 44 for taking photographs for a school project… Anything could be deemed suspicious, in fact merely taking a photograph of the police will start to become a suspicious and potentially related to terrorist offenses. I also wonder what will become of sites like FIT Watch that document police offence involved in aggressive surveillance techniques that target political activists.

As previously blogged the NETCU are intent on blurring the line between protest and ‘domestic terrorism’, what if Animal Rights Activists make use of material on Google to direct a protest against a police constable? Would Google be breaking the law if their search engine picked up information on a constable that was then misused, or potentially misused according to ambiguous suspicion? Will the police put pressure on Investigative Journalist indirectly to not collect and gather information on Constables involved in suspected criminal activity – the implication is that you could be held responsible if information you published is used for terrorist acts. Well so long as you can prove you neither intended it to a paranoid state you are fine. In this murky grey area we can expect to see the usual function creep that has occurred with previous anti-terror legislation. This law won’t effectively stop terrorism, but it will be used by poorly trained PCSO to pick on people filming at protests, stations and in public. Within democracies we assign police officers, members of the security service and the armed forces additional legal powers. It is however fundamentally essential that as citizens we are able to record share and monitor their behavior.

Battle lines against the Surveillance state are being drawn
October 23, 2008, 9:33 am
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Rather depressingly for privacy activists there are a couple bits of bad news. The first is that all police are going to be issued with portable fingerprint scanners as part of project ‘Midas’, well let hope the donkey ears will make an ass out of the police force…
With a police force equipped with biometric scanners we are only a heartbeat towards a society where police can demand anybody give over their fingerprints to ensure they are not ‘terrorists’ or criminals. Liked into the proposed NIR this will be just another part of the total surveillance society. Whilst on the subject of the NIR we have heard today from Meg Hillier – the Gestapo agent in charge with registration and identification of the ‘degenerates’ that driver’s licences could well become designated documents under the Identity Card Act 2006. Being able to designate a documents under the act is perhaps one of its most powerful facets. Basically in order to obtain the document you would need to submit to the biometric and identity enrolment process, effectively turning the driver’s licence into an ID card and making a mockery of the notion that the cards will be voluntary to anyone reliant on this means of transportation.

On a positive note NO Borders have put out a call for a nationwide demonstration at key immigration centres in protest to the issue of ID cards to foreign nationals. NO2ID has been somewhat hesitant to throw it’s weight behind protest as a form of political activism thus far, but shortly opposition to ID cards will be moving past the form of political lobbying, to protest, and ultimately direct action as people run the risk of having their own liberty curtailed in order to protect the liberties of others. Whether NO2ID will throw it’s weight behind NO Borders or hold back out of fear of going against populist support for governmental immigration policy remains to be seen. Identity cards have the potential to radicalise a whole new generation, it will be an interesting battle to protect our liberties, one we can’t afford to fail.

Otley Folk Festival Review
September 25, 2008, 7:04 pm
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Well I had a wonderful weekend last weekend at the Otley Folk Festival. @Geeklawyer and @harrym came up for to visit and drink. Aside from just sitting around drinking and watching Morris dancing we also got to have a trip up into the Dales to visit Gordale Scar and surrounding countryside. I was somewhat disappointed that @geeklawyer failed to engage in the Celidh dancing with the aplomb he showed at last years festivities. I must remember to get him drunker next time or perhaps threaten turning off the wifi connection with more gusto. Poor old Harry left his pies, feeling sorry for him I dispatched some in the post the very next day. Out of the bands I saw this year I would recommened Blythe Power as the most enjoyable outfit. So next year Hebden Bridge festival?! Watch this space. Although alas I will be leaving the market town of Otley that has served me so well for pastures new so perhaps there will be no next time. Yes I’m off to live in Hebden Bridge, world renowened for it’s Lesbians and well meaning Gaurdian reading liberals.

Geeklawyer Ponders his next move on Gordale Scar

Geeklawyer Ponders his next move on Gordale Scar