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Extreme Urban Photography
January 13, 2009, 12:13 pm
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Photography is not the boring hobby it used to be, these days Photography is an illicit underground activity that can land you in trouble with the fuzz. As such it has now become cool!


The Offical Rules as published by the Legion of Dynamic Discord Ltd.


Take a picture in a ‘sensitive area’ and upload it onto the web. These days sensitive areas can be defined as follows:


  • Any public space


The more suspicious your picture is the higher the kudos gained! Extra kudos can be gained by doing the following:


  • Setting up a blog to host Extreme Urban Photographs
  • Blogging, Twitting or videoing your Extreme Photography sessions
  • Taking pictures of PCSO’s, Police Constables or Members of the Armed Forces.
  • Getting Stopped and Searched Under Sec 44 of the Terrorism Act (earn double points if stopped whilst taking a photo of something already in the public domain)


Hurry Kids although Extreme Photography is not a blood sport, that doesn’t mean it won’t soon be outlawed!


N.B Google is barred from participation on account of the head start it has.


Copyright ©Legion of Dynamic Discord Ltd. 2009



Evolution hasn’t finished, it’s evolved.
October 7, 2008, 12:39 pm
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Aside from the collapse or at least hard rebooting of Global capitalism there has been another story doing the rounds on the web today. It’s an articule that claims that we as Human’s have stopped evolving. Of course what has really happened is that evolution has evolved, no longer is natural selection the primary driver. Natural selection evolved intelligence and we as intelligent beings have taken betterment of our physical entities into our own hands (que flashing lighting bolt against windswept window and evil cackle). It’s an interesting idea though that technological alternation of our own bodies is now the form that advance evolution will take. I’d love to have blue tooth connectivity or be Wi-fi enabled, imagine how cool it would be being able to hear people’s twit’s inside your head.

Girl’s Aloud ‘Murder Blogger’ would be doing us a public service
October 3, 2008, 11:09 am
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Another day in Neo Labour’s utopia, a day which sees an end to the drought of posts that has afflicted my post since the discovery of twitter, and admittedly busy time at work. I come back with the story of a 35 year old civil servant Darryn Walker who has been pigged under the Obscene publications act. Darryn has not even uploaded a snuff video, simply written word. I haven’t read Darryn’s article but apparently it depicts the murder, rape and mutilation of ‘Girl’s Aloud’. I would have thought the desire to murder and mutilate a perfectly reasonable reaction to anyone having had the displeasure of having heard their music. Their own videos are practically pornographic, with their conventional corporate non-deviant sexuality proving their own means they have of conning adolescent boys out of their Mc Job minimum wage disposable income. In solidarity with Darryn I can openly say I would happily murder all members of Girl’s aloud with kitchen instruments before defiling their corpses in an orgiastic satanic ritual involving life stock and tyre air pumps. In fact I would consider it nothing less than my moral and public duty to do so if such an opportunity was forthcoming.

Innocent game called offensive by Islamic-facists
September 11, 2008, 1:09 pm
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Crazy Political Correct types in conspiracy with rag head terrorists have sought to discredit the harmless children’s video game of ‘Muslim Massacre’. The game is simply a bit of fun, just because you play a lead character who’s aim is to shoot the sand niggar’s idol ‘Allah ‘ it doesn’t mean it’s actually offensive. These people should get a life and be light hearted about the game. I mean who wouldn’t be happy to play a game where you get to feed Christians to lions or hear Jesus beg for mercy as you nail him to his cross? Moon will be getting a copy and is looking forward to playing it with his chums next who are visiting next week.

PS Angry hot heads can sent my hate mail.
C/O Tony Blair,
Office of Tony Blair
P.O. Box 60519
W2 7JU
United Kingdom

Create your own Discordia!
August 29, 2008, 8:55 am
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I was a little bored today until I stumbled across a Discordian Wiki. This particular project allows Discordian’s to edit their own story as they go, creating what will surely be the best story ever. Great fun if you have some time free, if you don’t have some time free then steal it back!

August 11, 2008, 10:36 am
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Last night I watched the Edukators. After getting over the initial displeasure of having to sit listening to German I actually enjoyed the film quite a lot. However there is talk of an American version, so I would recommend waiting for this to come out. It helped that our moralistic anarchic-protagonists were played by good looking actors, who got their kit off a few times. You also couldn’t smell the stench of these unwashed prols which allowed a certain amount of sympathy with their ‘cause’.  Their ‘cause’ basically amounted to breaking into houses of rich people and moving the furniture around, whilst banging on a bit about how TV dulls people’s minds (Obviously one can only assume in Germany they don’t have countdown). They didn’t even have any firebombs or anything, basically a shit version of the Baader-Meinhof Group watered down to fit into ‘sensitivities’ of viewers about terrorism. They even allowed their petty bourgeois morals make them feel guilty about a kidnapping. Basically they all could have done with a bit of National Service to stop their ungrateful whining. I took great pleasure in watching this quaint notion of resistance  on my £15 DVD player produced in a Chinise sweat factory, whilst drinking some fine Tokaj and admiring my wife’s new Armani watch.

I’m back
August 8, 2008, 9:46 am
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You will be pleased to hear that my friend provided a fantastic distraction with his penny whistle and I have fleed from the jaws of the oppressive state, and wrestled back control of the blog from my Yurt hideout. Huzah!