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Leeds University Occupied
January 27, 2009, 3:16 pm
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Students at the University of Leeds have occupied a building on campus in protest at the ongoing conflict in Gaza and murder of the Palestine people by the IDF. They are protesting tomorrow 28th January outside the Leeds BBC building from 5pm onwards. They have setup a blog covering the occupation which can be viewed here




Naked Hiker sent down for 12mths.
December 19, 2008, 1:51 pm
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The right to be naked is one that Moon would like to selective apply to portions of the population deemed suitable by a public standard committee. Naturalist martyr Stephen Gough takes a different view. Philosophically I agree with him, the taboo of viewing the naked body is I suspect linked to unhealthy notions of sin and flesh. Anyway Stephen or the Naked rambler as he is otherwise known would like to be walking up and down the country. Instead he has spent most of the past 2 ½ years in Jail for public order offenses. He was arrested for breach of the peace upon leaving a trial naked where he had just been acquitted of breach of the peace. Rather than allow this man to live his live skyclad wandering the breadth of the country he has instead been sent down for 12mths.

Greek Anarchist fight back for Freedom
December 8, 2008, 12:01 pm
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Rioting has broken out in several Greek cities and there is an unconfirmed report that the Greek Embassy in London has just been occupied. This follows on from the murder of a 16 year old kid by Greek by Police, which is the latest in a string of violent police aggressions. To give due credit to the Greek authorities at least this bastard has been arrested and charged with murder, unlike the met who can murder people with only a minimal fuss. Anarchists have been taking the fight to the police, as this You Tube showing an attack on a Riot Police HQ shows:

A previous planned general strike is to take place on Wednesday, so the Greek state is starting to look in a somewhat precious situation. It’s heartning to know the torch of freedom still burns in the birth place of democracy.

PS It’s a shame that people only associate anarchism with violence, in truth violence is not what anarchism is about, but what people force it to be about.

Council of Europe I wuv you for evar and evar
December 5, 2008, 3:37 pm
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Word cannot quite describe quite how much I love the Council of Europe right now. Not only have we recently had a landmark ruling that leaves the Government’s DNA database in tatters but we have now had a report on anti-terror law’s and privacy. Thomas Hammarber, Commissioner of Human Right’s report entitled Protecting the right to privacy in the fight against terrorism. The Government can be expected to wrangle over deleting and DNA profiles, and there is talk on the grapevine that Jackboot Jacqui is seeking to appoint an *independent* chair at an arms length to the government to oversee the NDNAD. There is no way they can keep the physical samples but I suspect they will come up with a code of practice that has a very liberal definition of when someone is proved to be innocent that will allow innocent people’s data to be stored for a fair few years. Anyhow it’s a pretty strong judgement so they will have a hard time trying to wiggle out of it. Back to the other good news, Thomas Hammarber’s report is damming of the Government’s use of terrorism as a justification to create a quasi-stasi Database state. Here are a few choice cuts:


We are rapidly becoming a “Surveillance Society”. This is partly the result of general technical and societal developments, but these trends are strongly reinforced by measures taken in the fight against terrorism.

In the context of the fight against terrorism, this means individuals are at risk of being targeted for being suspected “extremists” or for being suspected of being “opposed to our constitutional legal order”, even if they have not (yet) committed any criminal (let alone terrorist) offence.

“Targets” of this kind are moreover increasingly selected through computer “profiles”. Even if some may be caught, there will always be relatively large numbers of “false negatives” – real terrorists who are not identified as such, and unacceptably high numbers of “false positives”: large numbers of innocent people who are subjected to surveillance, harassment, discrimination, arrest – or worse. Freedom is being given up without gaining security.

In addition, increasing use is made of non-criminal, yet effectively punitive, “administrative” measures against identified suspected “extremists” or new-type “enemies of the State”. This robs them of fundamental safeguards, both against the specific measures taken against them and, as groups, against such discrimination. It leads to alienation of the groups in question, and thus actually undermines security.

In the process, all of us are increasingly placed under general, mass surveillance, with data being captured on all our activities, on-line or in the “real” world. Such general surveillance raises serious democratic problems which are not answered by the repeated assertion that “those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.”




Gurdian print EF are terrorist police state propaganda.
November 20, 2008, 7:36 pm
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I honestly can’t belive the Guardian is printing this tripe. It’s disgraceful that legitmate political protesters are being depicted as terrorists. This will further spure on the security services crack down on our civil liberties.  The National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit is a threat to all our freedoms and must be stopped. 

Clarkson, Bastion of free speech?
November 4, 2008, 9:25 am
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What’s the world coming to? In this day an age a man can’t make a harmless quip about murdering prostitutes without and avalanche of joyless moralist casting scorn. Let’s have a looks at Clarkson’s his heinous crime:

As he completed a lorry-driving task, he said: “This is a hard job and I’m not just saying that to win favour with lorry drivers, it’s a hard job. Change gear, change gear, change gear, check mirror, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder. That’s a lot of effort in a day.”

I watched the program and that made me laugh at loud because it’s funny, and you know what in danger of sounding like a Tory I do have to admit this is ‘PC gone made’. Next people will be saying it’s not on to joke about murdering spastics or writing fantasy stories about raping girls aloud… oh wait hang on.

I like Clarkson not because I always agree with what he says, particular on environmental issues but because he is not afraid to say what he thinks and to do so in an amusing manner. His polar adventure was hilarious, mocking the earnest adventure types by driving to the North pole in a 4×4 and eating Foie Gras and drinking Chablis.

Simon Cowell – Political Mastermind
November 3, 2008, 11:40 am
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Today’s most stupid comment comes from Fuckwit Cowell who makes a living by entertaining plebs on the idiot lantern. Cowell wants to make politics ‘more exciting’, because that’s right folks boring old debates about law and liberty in the House of Commons could do with a bit of jazzing up. Count down style timers for when MPs speak, spot lights on the dispatch box, theme music intros for Ministers. More style over substance, more bullet point pledge cards and less lengthy manifestos. Because remember folks is the medium not the message. Democracy is dead long live the Celebrity dictator.

“Americans have a talent for bringing glamour to politics and making high-brow debates accessible to the public.”

High-brow debates? In American – LOL