Disillusioned Discordian

Who am I?

I’m a disillusioned discordian, although the jury is still out on whether I’m disillusioned with discordanism or disillusioned and therefore a discordian. The ambiguity represents both the contradictory dualistic nature of thought as well as my pretentious knowledge of post-modern occultism. Whereas more thought out blogs have a neat rationale and distinct Ident; here lies an ecliptic range of subject matters that interest me: a love of semi-colons; civil liberties; polytricks; ID cards; technology; Morris etc.  The archetypal level of symbolism played out amongst my cyber verese is meant to represent the inherent disorder of human nature; stick two fingers up at instrumental rationality and the industrialized specialization of sites in the cyber domain – and if you belive that pile of shit than you will belive anything.


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Been watching your most reasonable comments in defence of the Geeklawyer’s humour and I should like to commend you upon this. Maybe we have similar thoughts?

Comment by Scunnered, O'Aberdein

Thank you, I find Geeklawyer very funny and think it’s a shame his site has now become the victim of a denial of service attack.

Comment by moon23

Really? I’m intrigued. I’m not certain what that means, unfortunately. Is that as in a ‘take down’ following complaint or merely of the overwhelming technical assault variety? If you want to e-mail me about that, it might be quicker?

Comment by Scunnered, O'Aberdein

I dunno it could be taken down by the authorties I guess. I don’t really know.

Comment by moon23

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by bibomedia.com

Hi there,

I was just reading your comments re. direct lettings. I have been having no end of problems with them, from the moment we paid the deposit, till now, when we are moving out. Its been rudeness, and charges.

The latesit being a charge on 23 quid to provide a refrance to our new landlord.

Bet we have had other problems inc coming home to find people in our house (said they where there to fix the windows), to phoning me and telling me I had not paid any rent ever (i had, and this was 4 months in, if I had not, notice before then, would have helped)

Any way thats just a few of our problems with them. The list is allmost endless.

I came across this when searching for other people with problems. Would it be possible to drop me an email, as I wanna go to watchdog, post on gumtree, facebook, and any where else I can find. So that others dont have the same problems.



Comment by dave

Hi Dave,

I’m sorry to hear Direct are still causing people stress and upset. They really made a period of my life rather unpleasant. I’ve sent you an email. Hopefully you can get some publicity in the Argus, Watchdog or their trade association NAEA.
Let me know how it goes and i’ll post some updates on this blog.

Comment by moon23

So how was the Zinfandel? -> saw the tweet 🙂 @garyvee

Comment by Gary Vaynerchuk

You clearly can’t use semi-colons; your love is misplaced.

Comment by Anon

🙂 The love is unrequited

Comment by moon23

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