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Struggle against Database State Continues
January 22, 2009, 5:53 pm
Filed under: ID Cards / Surveillance

The struggle against the Database state is starting to hot up with another salvo against out civil liberties being fired by New Labour. Perhaps fearing that Jacqui is not safe pair of hands, Straw is overseeing the latest development from his lair within the ominously named Ministry of Justice. The Coroners and Justice Bill contains clauses that will allow for ‘Information Sharing Orders’, these orders can override the Data protection act to allow government to share information amongst departments. As NO2ID have pointed out this means data collected in things like the 2011 census could be passed on to any other department or added onto any other existing database. Joined up surveillance, or as the Government would call it ‘Transformational Governance’.

Cameron has moved Grayling, his commons attack dog to oppose Jacqui as the Shadow Home Secretary, and long standing opponent of the ID card scheme will move to Shadow Straw in Justice. A multi-signatory letter yesterday in the Guardian yesterday accused the Government of double-standard over its plans to exempt MP’s expenses from the Freedom of Information Act, whilst simultaneously seeking to gain control over our information. In a fantastic victory on the same Day Brown backed down from these measures.

I’ll be watching eagerly on 26th January when the Coroners and Justice Bill gets it’s second reading.


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