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In defense of Liberty – Comes the Dailymail?
January 13, 2009, 11:14 am
Filed under: ID Cards / Surveillance

The great defender of British liberty against the ever encroaching Database state has once again drawn attention to some shady business going on in British schools. Yes the long term critic of Big Brother aka the Dailymail has been challenging Grauniad readers loyalties and assumptions with its rabble rousing defense of individual liberty. Across the country many opponents of ID cards et al are starting to feel the pinch of arch neo-labourist Toynbee’s harping on about how all this surveillance is justified if it leads to some kind of liberal-paternalistic third-way wankfest.

One can’t help but feel a little dirty and soiled when you discover yourself agreeing with Richard Littlejohn. I liken it to the feeling of having sex with someone you don’t really fancy, it’s ok at the time if you are pissed enough, but straight after it all feels a little well just ‘wrong’. This is how I felt as I downloaded the this story on the train the other day, on the one hand ecstatic ‘yes this is what I have felt all along, finally I’m not alone in my moral outrage’ yet also dirty, “ew I’m on the daily mail webpage and enjoying it.”

Whilst the so-called liberal press and politicians largely dilly dally about, the libertarian right is making huge political gains with it’s opposition to ID cards. For this, as with most things I blame double-speak neo-labour for their corruption of the left, having taking the worst freedom crushing aspects of a centralized paternalistic economy and merged them with the worst aspects of unrestrained capitalism. They have created the monstrous super-bee political hybrid.  

Back to this latest pilot study, Facial recognition being used to detect “late-comers” WTF!!! I struggle to even grasp how even the most brainwashed minister could seek to balance the use of such technology for the need of detecting “late-comers”. Perhaps next we will see the rental of American spy-satellites to track school children skiving off on the cross-country run. The Zealously with which this technology is brought into local education must be a particular quirk of guilibity as to the cost effectiveness of tackling mundane problems with cutting edge technology, combined with a total and complete disregard for basic principles of Human decency and privacy. That’s at best, at worst it’s nothing more than a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate an entire generation into a fascistic system of Orwellian totalitarian control.


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I, too am deeply amazed that the Fail seems to have served some genuine purpose in furthering the greater good, rather than endlessly harping on about Gay Pigeon AIDS Which Stole My Baby From Polish Cannabis Hell.

Comment by metacognitionx

Bizzare innit

Comment by moon23

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