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Extreme Urban Photography
January 13, 2009, 12:13 pm
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Photography is not the boring hobby it used to be, these days Photography is an illicit underground activity that can land you in trouble with the fuzz. As such it has now become cool!


The Offical Rules as published by the Legion of Dynamic Discord Ltd.


Take a picture in a ‘sensitive area’ and upload it onto the web. These days sensitive areas can be defined as follows:


  • Any public space


The more suspicious your picture is the higher the kudos gained! Extra kudos can be gained by doing the following:


  • Setting up a blog to host Extreme Urban Photographs
  • Blogging, Twitting or videoing your Extreme Photography sessions
  • Taking pictures of PCSO’s, Police Constables or Members of the Armed Forces.
  • Getting Stopped and Searched Under Sec 44 of the Terrorism Act (earn double points if stopped whilst taking a photo of something already in the public domain)


Hurry Kids although Extreme Photography is not a blood sport, that doesn’t mean it won’t soon be outlawed!


N.B Google is barred from participation on account of the head start it has.


Copyright ©Legion of Dynamic Discord Ltd. 2009



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THIS was a deliberate attempt at looking “dodgy” while photographing municipal buildings in Cardiff, earlier in the year.

Comment by metacognitionx

Great Pic, I although be careful there could be a bomb that goes off when the clock hand reaches Midnight!

Comment by moon23

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