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Right It’s 2009, better write a post
January 9, 2009, 10:04 am
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Well a Happy New Year to all my readers! I was planning a meaningful yearly round-up and several Xmas treats, but alas I got way-laid by the Christmas spirit and have been neglecting the duties of my blog. Morris dancing has been in the news, with the Morris ring putting out a press release warning that it may be extinct within 20 years. The Morris ring loves nothing better than a bit of scaremongering to catapult Morris into the headlines. The reality is that their antiquated attitudes to women dancing in Morris sides has caused one strand of the tradition to become frozen in time, as other new forms of Morris continue to develop and grow as a living tradition. Luckily The Morris Federation exists as an alternative for sides that are a bit more with the times. I was on my local radio station as a relatively young dancer, and did my best to discredit the myth that you need a Beard to dance although I perhaps seemed a little too enthusiastic about ale…

 The New Year continues to get off to an odd start, as I’ve been asked to abseil off a building at work in order to promote Health & Safety. Apparently they want a Union Officer to be involved, part of me wonders quite how safe abseiling really is, and whether this isn’t an elaborate ploy to rid the workplace of a troublesome Union rep… Watch this space.

 Norman Baker who seems to be one of those rare MPs I actually quite like has uncovered the fact that 62,584 people have been stopped and searched at railway stations under anti-terror legislation. This legislation was meant to be deployed to deal with specific terrorist threats, but is now used to routinely hassle people and invade their basic right to go about their private lives without interference from the state. One wonders who many of these dastardly terrorist our constably has caught with this tactic. There are reports of these stop and searches being carried out to targets, and as such I’ve but in a Freedom of Information Request to British Transport Police to determine if this is the case at a nearby station that I often pass through and see officers stopping people for no good reason.

 So it seems to be busy as usual in 2009 as far as the assault on our civil liberties is concerned.


Not a celebrity or Brand in Sight - Sticks, Morris and Mayhem in 21st Century Britain

Not a celebrity or Brand in Sight - Sticks, Morris and Mayhem in 21st Century Britain



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