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Jacqui – “I get by with a little help from my friends”
December 22, 2008, 9:59 am
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Allies – Who in the world could live without them? Possibly Machiavelli or Nietzsche I guess. In the world of politics allies should be those who share an ideology based on reason. Often political allies are those who have something to benefit from the allegiance, and will happily side with the party that best represents these interests. We could go into other forms of allegiance, those based on land, loyalty, love or duty.

Powerful political allies are important, they further your political cause, strive alongside you to change the world. Like all politicians our very own Home Secretary Jacqui Smith needs allies too. She is lucky to have stalwart advocates fighting her important causes. Enduringly a beacon of support had burnt bright for Jacqui amongst the critics of her schemes, for instance ID cards. A brave letter writing campaign in the Redditch Advertiser (Jacqui’s local paper) has been the shining beacon of support for Smith. The author Richard Timmy has been defending her ID card scheme with righteous prose:

‘The national identity scheme will deliver a single secure form of identity which will provide all of us with an easy and convenient means of proving our identity, prevent and protect us from identity theft and fraud, reassure us all that workers in positions of trust are who they say they are, protect the country from illegal immigration and make it harder for criminals to use false or multiple identities.’

That sounds suspiciously like the Home Office line on the issue, it’s almost like Mr Timmy has some kind of connection with those people extolling the scheme’s virtues. Oh but wait…. It’s the same Richard Timmy who is paid £40,000 a year to act as Jacqui’s common’s adviser, the same common’s adviser who also happens to be married to the person he’s paid to advise? Oh no, surely Jacqui’s own husband hasn’t been writing a series of letters defending ID cards just to earn brownie points with his Misuses. I can imagine it now:

Richard: “No darling, don’t listen to those nasty opponents of ID cards.”

Smith: “What really you think it’s a good idea?”

Richard: “Yes of course my love, you are bringing this scheme in for the good of our glorious nation and the party”

Smith: “but no one else thinks this way, they mock me at the dispatch box”

Richard: “Yes but darling, I do. Look I’ve written another letter to the Redditch advertiser, it’s bound to convince some more people your right.

Smith: “Oh Richard, you are kind. I wuv you so very much”

Richard: “ Oh Jacqui, I wuv you too…. ….mmm… Jacqui.. will you do that tough Home Secretary act in bed again? You know how having you give me a control order gets me all excited.


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Sorry, but I can’t agree with any of Polytrick’s comments. Just because the letter writer is Mrs Smith’s husband who is ALSO her Chief Researcher, ETC., which we taxpayers are happy to fund, it doesn’t mean she knew anything about the letters. As Damian Green might say – “Nobody tells her anything, she’s only the Home Secretary.”

Comment by mike speak

Polytrick’s is the category, I had hoped he was paid for by the Labour party. Which was cringe worthy enough, but if he’s paid by the tax payer then what is their to be happy about! Not only is a minister employing their own family, but they are doing a rubbish job lol

Comment by moon23

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