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Drug Laws discussed on Iconoclasts – Radio 4
October 30, 2008, 5:16 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

As some more regular readers of my blog may know I have a rather Libertarian attitude when it comes to drug laws. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the risks that certain drugs have, or belittle the damage that they can inflict on individuals and communities. It’s just that I think much of the damage occurs as a result of prohibition, and that a method of licensing and support would work better. I’d go further and say that the prohibition of drugs is supporting slavery, despotic regimes and terrorism all of which benefit from an illicit drugs trade. The war on drugs is damaging the war on terror as legalized opium production would cut off al-Qaeda from their funds in Afghanistan.


Radio 4 put on an excellent program (Iconoclasts) last night the erudite Dr Susan Blackmore argued this line that drugs can in some situations be a good thing for the individual and society (Incidentally Dr Blackmore happens to look like the type of enlightened person who had the bravery to explore inner space). If I had more time it’s certainly something I would campaign on, given that all my campaigning time is allocated already I shall simply point you in the direction of Transform a drug policy foundation pushing for control and regulation rather than prohibition.


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