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Battle lines against the Surveillance state are being drawn
October 23, 2008, 9:33 am
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Rather depressingly for privacy activists there are a couple bits of bad news. The first is that all police are going to be issued with portable fingerprint scanners as part of project ‘Midas’, well let hope the donkey ears will make an ass out of the police force…
With a police force equipped with biometric scanners we are only a heartbeat towards a society where police can demand anybody give over their fingerprints to ensure they are not ‘terrorists’ or criminals. Liked into the proposed NIR this will be just another part of the total surveillance society. Whilst on the subject of the NIR we have heard today from Meg Hillier – the Gestapo agent in charge with registration and identification of the ‘degenerates’ that driver’s licences could well become designated documents under the Identity Card Act 2006. Being able to designate a documents under the act is perhaps one of its most powerful facets. Basically in order to obtain the document you would need to submit to the biometric and identity enrolment process, effectively turning the driver’s licence into an ID card and making a mockery of the notion that the cards will be voluntary to anyone reliant on this means of transportation.

On a positive note NO Borders have put out a call for a nationwide demonstration at key immigration centres in protest to the issue of ID cards to foreign nationals. NO2ID has been somewhat hesitant to throw it’s weight behind protest as a form of political activism thus far, but shortly opposition to ID cards will be moving past the form of political lobbying, to protest, and ultimately direct action as people run the risk of having their own liberty curtailed in order to protect the liberties of others. Whether NO2ID will throw it’s weight behind NO Borders or hold back out of fear of going against populist support for governmental immigration policy remains to be seen. Identity cards have the potential to radicalise a whole new generation, it will be an interesting battle to protect our liberties, one we can’t afford to fail.


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Have just heard on the grapevine that local NO2Id groups will be getting behind the NO Borders protest on 25th, that’s great news.

Comment by moon23

Here’s a video about management through surveillance; how governments and employers use monitoring to ensure that people do what they want us to do. Watch it and feel free to post it on your blog if you like it:

Comment by Sofia

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