Disillusioned Discordian

Village Life, Chapter One
October 22, 2008, 9:10 am
Filed under: Idle Ways

Moon has moved into a village. Village life is never something that I’ve actively sought out, but rather I have been naturally inclined to avoid masses where possible. There are of course discernable benefits of living next to the cornucopia of capitalist connivance, these benefits must be sacrificed in order to live life in the countryside. For instance a degree of forward planning is needed to manage fuel levels and stock of essential provisions. So far this has helped foster a latent survivalist instinct, which I suspect may have arisen from exposure to post-apocalypse aspects of popular culture as an influential age. The benefits are also there for the taking. For instance I have a view that nurtures the spirit, and ready access to various countryside produce – Local fresh eggs sold in the pub etc.

A twenty minute stroll down to sea level brings me to the local town which is a modest establishment weighing in at around Four Thousands inhabitants. Concern has been raised by peers, and I must confess myself regarding the existence of only one curry house in the town. It’s a shabby place with peeling carpets, you can watch the food being cooked up and it’s a decent meal if you have not been spoiled by the nearby delights that larger towns supporting Pakistani populations can provide.

I’ve had one strange, yet pleasent encounter with a local thus far, one chap approached me and shook my hand. He was delighted to see someone new arrive in the village and both visit the local shop and the local pub within the same weekend. This must be telling of fear amongst the population of incomers spending their money only at a nearby Tesco. Well they have no fear from me, I visited this Tesco and I must say the food was of particularly substandard quality. I’ll keep a continued log of life in my village as it progresses, as it will add a less bile stricken aspect to my political musings.


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