Disillusioned Discordian

Smash the Surveillance State
October 15, 2008, 4:26 pm
Filed under: Political
Stasi-Smith is on a roll at the moment, fuming with impotent rage over her failed attempt to introduce Interment for British citizens she now wants to increase police powers to spy on us. Part of this plan involves police gaining access to private sites such as websites, apparently Terrorists ‘might’ be communicating via these sites so of course it’s only fair that the state gets to monitor every single word someone says. This is a fucking outrage and anyone with the slightest bit of grey matter between their ears should be up in arms. Other fascist plans include creating a communications database to store details of every email, text and our web browser patens. Stalin is coming in his grave and cursing he was not born to a later age. Our only hope is that Vladimir ‘Lets Learn Judo’ Putin gets his act together and invades the UK, because frankly we would have a better shot at freedom with Mr Tiger Hunter in charge.


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