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Sorry the choice was only between 42 and 28.
October 14, 2008, 10:34 am
Filed under: Current Affairs, Political
Not content with achieving the biggest defeat ever in the Lords, and a bruising at the dispatch box. Deranged Smith has clung to the:  ‘we need these powers just in case’ argument because ‘people being killed by terrorists is unique phenomena never before witnessed by man.’ Bizarrely she has now vomited, nay shitted out a piece of emergency legislation that can be invoked (in case the Reichstag Parliament catches fire) that enables individuals to be detained for 42 days. Just the sort of reactionary executive power we need to stop well known terrorist organizations such as Icesave.  To Smith’s defense came arch corrupted neo-labor sleazebag Keith “I was only helping Mandelson’” Vaz.  Even with his poor acting skills (never been developed further than is required to lie through Parliamentary enquires) he managed to appear sincere enough to enable Smith a moment of self-indulgent delusion. “I am acting in the Nations best interests”, “everyone else is wrong only the Daily Mail understands me!” was heard muttered from her foaming mouth… as she was dragged away to the ‘nutjob’ house on the hill, rational people shaked their head: “isn’t a shame she showed such promise as a child”.


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Spot on. I’d almost feel sorry for her if she was as repellent as she is evil.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Some time in the distant future it be lovely to detain Smith for 42 days, after all you wouldn’t need to charge her, know a judge who’d keep her there? 🙂

Comment by Pooq

I’d love nothing more than to see Smith hoist on her own petard. Ideally I would like to see her tried before an international civil liberties court that treated abuses to freedom in the same way as War crimes. Her new legislation shows utter contempt for the parliamentary process. I have not even an inkling of feeling sorry for her, her physically repellent nature would only increase my joy of seeing her utterly destroyed.

Comment by moon23

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