Disillusioned Discordian

Girl’s Aloud ‘Murder Blogger’ would be doing us a public service
October 3, 2008, 11:09 am
Filed under: Mumbo Jumbo
Another day in Neo Labour’s utopia, a day which sees an end to the drought of posts that has afflicted my post since the discovery of twitter, and admittedly busy time at work. I come back with the story of a 35 year old civil servant Darryn Walker who has been pigged under the Obscene publications act. Darryn has not even uploaded a snuff video, simply written word. I haven’t read Darryn’s article but apparently it depicts the murder, rape and mutilation of ‘Girl’s Aloud’. I would have thought the desire to murder and mutilate a perfectly reasonable reaction to anyone having had the displeasure of having heard their music. Their own videos are practically pornographic, with their conventional corporate non-deviant sexuality proving their own means they have of conning adolescent boys out of their Mc Job minimum wage disposable income. In solidarity with Darryn I can openly say I would happily murder all members of Girl’s aloud with kitchen instruments before defiling their corpses in an orgiastic satanic ritual involving life stock and tyre air pumps. In fact I would consider it nothing less than my moral and public duty to do so if such an opportunity was forthcoming.


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