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End of the world
September 9, 2008, 9:37 am
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There is a lot of speculation that tomorrow might bring about the end of the world as we are sucked into mini-black holes by the LHC. Although it’s true the first beams will be circulated tomorrow, it is my understanding that they will not yet be colliding beams at high energy until later in the year. As such there will most likely be an extended period in which the world might go pop. Anyway I feel it is still sensible to make some meta-physical precautions before I potentially get transformed into raw energy.

Firstly I considered my position of faith, hedging my bets I’ve renewed my devotion to a polytheistic understanding. Hopefully by covering a wide number of Gods/Goddess I’ll increase my odds of worshiping the right one. In a somewhat clever twist I also believe them to be personifications of the one true god, and hope the one true god will think it reasonable that I found life a bit confusing and that generally I wasn’t too bad. On the plus side Thantos is a powerful ‘driver’ for personal change (I do so love mixing the occult with marketing speak). It’s a stick to transform spiritual consumer behavior. As such I’m bringing in a raft of new measures which I hope will allow my spirit to grow at a sustainable rate.

Anyway I’ve distilled the essence of this profound spiritual awakening into bullet points/aphorism for easy understanding.

The People – The Greyfaces took the art of living seriously more seriously then the art of living.

The Mind -It’s better to blow your mind and spend an eon putting it back together, then spend an eon wishing you had blown your mind.

Every Matter matters – Matter matters and sprit is another type of matter

Speaking of Silence -Talk to things and thing will talk back; watch things and things will talk without speaking.

Reading more than words – Every tree has a story that once read we become a part of.

Close the Circle – Life after death is like death before life, but with wisdom.

Dance along with the cosmos – Events as realizations of our imaginations are free to dance for an eternity in their moments.

Thanks to all the Ubermench and most of all Wify (who I love becuase she would murder me if I called her that).

Finally in order to help metaphysical prepare my reader for communal anhiliation via LHC or personaly anhilation at a later as yet to be specified date, I ordain upon you all title of pope, may Eris cause mirth in your wake.

By order of the Moon23 Legion of dynamic discord, Husband, friend, enemy to the state, free thinker and Morris dancer extroindare.


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