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My Life My Markeeting 2.0
August 20, 2008, 9:43 am
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Sometimes you have to wonder who it is who comes up with ideas for government spin. Some idiot must actually be making a living (albeit a sniveling one) from creating ideas like My Life My ID. This somewhat mystical crypto-fascist tries to bind our perception of yourself to a notion of caring an ID card, that a piece of plastic would entitle us to our personhood. I suppose it isn’t as catchy as My Life is Property of the Secretary of State under section 6 of the National Identity Card Act 2006. Because it isn’t your ID, it’s the governments ID and that’s the law.

Somewhat hilariously this attempt to be down with the kids has backfired spectacularly
. Roy Poynter who is director of Virtual Surveys has a vision of brining incorporating Market Research into Web 2.0. On the one hand this seems admirable freeing surveying from selective focus groups. Then again the reason Web 2.0 works is because people generate the content and form their own communities. There seems something slightly sinister about a manufactured Web 2.0 community generated simply for market research, commercial or government propaganda purposes. I guess it’s because the method is also the message and here the message is pro-ID. ‘Independent’ surveyors that guide discussion and admins that offer their own opinion just doesn’t fit with web conventions. I mean did they really expect a generation that has been brought up on a diet of marketing and advertising not to be aware of every trick in the book .


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