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Working on t’farm.
August 13, 2008, 9:12 am
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Prince Charles has a dream, a dream of England in which workers kiss their wives good bye before going off to work the land to work on small honest farms. In this parallel universe of Volkish romanticism, the enclosures act never happened, ghastly trade didn’t build dark satanic mills (which disappointingly are only a metaphor and have no actual Satanism) and everyone has the wealth to afford duchy originals. Charles succeeds in winding up lefties who secretly long to live in this way, but for whom a lack of imagination and bitter jealousy means they are unable to dream. Unable to grasp the ethereal beauty of Charles’ land, they Instead they instead spend their time whining about the natural order of Monarchy and land ownership.

span As a true Brit I’d be happy to serve my prince in the countryside. For instant I could chop wood and wipe sweat of my brow, then doff my cap when ever his highness approached, before going home to a village knees up and sing song. Alternatively I could whistle whilst cheerfully delivering organic duchies original milk. Our savior, Prince Charles if you are reading this then please get in touch and free me from the chains of modernity.


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Frankly I support His Magnificent Royal Godness. He is doing what all good men should do: support his DNA. In most cases this is one’s children, in his case it is the organic carrot. More power to such loyalty.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Would that be the Dutch royalist carrot? Fucking traitor.

Comment by moon23

If he got himself knicked (perhaps for crop wrecking with Earth First) then the police would look after his DNA.

Comment by moon23

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