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The revolution will be uploaded (where the SWP can’t hijack it)
August 7, 2008, 9:34 am
Filed under: Environment, Political

It must be said that often video shots of protests are a bit shit. I know this because I’ve attempted myself to report on protests using a video camera. Ok so it was a shitty camera that lost all its quality in being transferred from tape to digital, but let’s face it that was an excuse, I was lazy and didn’t give it any good presentation. The latest video to come from the Climate Camp (what you didn’t expect a post on something else did you tsh.) is from Vision TV, and has a neat little Ident at the start. The way those Nodding Donkey oil pumps zoom out to form the burning flame on the statute of liberty is kind of cool. Makes even the arty BBC2 logo before Newsnight look a bit lame. So the revolution will be uploaded onto the web rather than televised, surely this has to be a better use of the technology? This video is good as it shows Kent police who have just cum in their neon jackets over a multi-million pound budget to police the protest unable to stop a load of crustie troublemakers. Still it’s provided the Kentish police FIT team with a welcome distraction from filming & harassing poor kids on a council estate so I suppose it’s been keeping them out of too much trouble. Video Includes automata cop who is unable to comment on anything – which is worth 25 I-Spy points in the Disillusioned Discordians book of ‘I-Spy at political protest’ available as soon as you can imagine it (it being a magical imaginary meme book and all).


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