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China’s Human Rights Record makes me Thankful I Live in the West
August 7, 2008, 12:54 pm
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What with the Olympics, the issue of Chinese human rights in that question. Only yesterday a girl from Cambridge got arrested simply for unfurling a banner in public. China is a sparkling example of how capitalism leads to radical social reform and a free and happy life for everyone. El President Bush has condemned China’s record on human rights stating “The US believes the people of China deserve the fundamental liberty that is the natural right of all human beings*”

*Except illegal enemy combatants, and anyone who defaces the American flag.

Moon is glad that he lives in a nice western liberal state where he is free to not only consume but also attend political protests and carry an ID card. He understands the need to search everyone, and for everyone to be filmed and have their communications placed under surveillance. This is necessary to protect the freedoms of the law-abiding majority on these protests. Frankly if someone is unable to understand that only by searching people can the police ensure our health & safety then they deserve a good kicking like this protester in the video.


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Thanks heavens you are slowly coming to your senses. I assume this is because the police beat you with a truncheon after you attempted to stop them protecting the safety of the country.

Oh wait, this was satire? Damn you, you hippy.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Yes once again readers my wit has foiled an unsuspecting member of the establishment, this time a corrupt and self-serving legal professional that goes by the name Geeklawyer. Under my one true leadership and as soon as I give the instruction my naive hippy minions at the Climate Camp will rise up and throw themselves onto the truncheons of the Kent filth rendering them powerless with their annoying intonation, bad attempts at satire and vast weapons stashes buried in Kent..

Then I shall rule you all with my fear mongering over climate change, and have all the women…. I er, mean allow you to live in a truly free democracy anti-capitalist state, that will be much better then are current system as the news will be controlled by who can post the most on indymedia, rather than bias corporations, ha ha ha.

Argh wait…, the filth are here… what do you mean you have been following me officer and know what I have been up to.. wait argh….no… this is me destinty……….

Comment by moon23

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