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In surveillance we trust
August 6, 2008, 10:36 am
Filed under: ID Cards / Surveillance

I’m a little aware that my blog has become a running commentary for the Climate Camp. Anyway I thought I’d move away from the murky police tactics of flying helicopters over the camp at ungodly hours and unmarked riot cops shouting at people to wake up in the middle of the night to something a bit cheerier.

Yes plans to fly domestic spy drones over UK airspace. Not intent with having 1 CCTV camera for every 14 people, ID cards, NIR, Invasive council snooping etc. It seems we need a new tool in our domestic surveillance arsenal. Able to follow you in secret (so you best behave becuase we could be watching YOU)this little beast can also take High-res pictures etc from 50,000. From now on unmanned flying spy drones will be keeping Britain Safe. You couldn’t make this shit up. I mean every fucking day I’m made to sound like a broken record as I complain at neo-labour trotting out yet aspect to their all singing all dancing police state.


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I am heartly glad the Dear Leader is watching you and all your crusty trouble making friends. You represent a terrible danger to society. Never forget how many people the climate kills each year – hurricanes etc – what about the rights of its victims? The environment is the enemy not something to be protected. When will you people learn. Oh, and take a shower you soap dodger.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Luckily for me Dear Leader is too busy admiring your prints which he has just exchanged in a deal with the Jap’s that didn’t involve a lucrative discount on some BAE jets (honest). Just you wait until the Capitalist Industrial-Military complex builds on your Downland walk in a road building scheme to accommodate increased traffic from weekend bikers. Then you will be reduced to walking around St Anne’s Well gardens, where your MP3 player will be stolen by ill-educated buckfast swigging ex-army squaddies who think you look funny. If you’re lucky your fancy jacket will become a love mat at Dukes mound, if you’re unlucky you will still be in it. Frankly because of your air mile expenditure and meat eating you will deserve it.

Comment by moon23

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