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Rude awakening for Climate Camp in dawn raid
August 4, 2008, 8:30 am
Filed under: Environment, Political

Campers at the Climate Camp had a rude awakening this morning when at dawn an alert went out on Twitter that police were breaking the windows of vehicles by the back gate. Reports are of lines of riot cops lining up at the entrance to both dates, whilst a number of police attempted to tow away vehicles and then resorted to smashing the windows of a van (whilst someone was inside it), claiming it was ‘abandoned’. The timing of this second raid on the camp is a clear example of political policing intended to cause as much possible disruption to the camp in its early stages. Removing the van from the entrace will also allow the police to get their vans on site so they can ‘search’ for anymore dangerous plumbing. Still it’s a darn early start for the police as well, who have a days standing around getting bored to look forward too. It’s worth checking out the following blog for police (must try to be polite and not use the word filth when linking to blog) persepctive of the last camp. It reminds me of a protesters I know hitching a lift back with a riot cop after anti G8 protests and sharing stories and tactics – the Climate Camp is a bit of a game in some ways.


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