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Police raid attempts to sabotage Climate Camp
August 1, 2008, 12:48 pm
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The site of the Climate Camp has been secured and the camp is now in the process of getting setup. The police have raided the climate camp stealing anything they could get their hands on under the excuse of confiscating tools that might be used in direct action. Plumbing that is essential for sanitation has been confiscated by the police, who will claim that it could be used in lock on’s. Is this really an attempt to stop direct action or an attempt to attack the essential infrastructure of the camp?


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Good wishes from Japan. As usual the filth can be expected to harass anyone not towing the labour party line.

As a lawyer you’d expect me to say sue ’em: Sue ‘Em!!!

Comment by Geeklawyer

Ah you have taken a break from eating weird things in the land of the weird, to pop by 🙂 Seems like you having a good time.

Certainly some possessions have been taken illegally, but you know only the wealthy son’s of fascist who can afford to take action get justice in neo-Britain.

Comment by moon23

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