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Sussex filth use political motivated charges to suppress protest
July 30, 2008, 2:18 pm
Filed under: Political

Not intent with handing out the sort of punishments you would expect for petty offences such as breach of the peace, obstructing a highway or public order offences. Sussex filth have charge a group of Smash EDO anti-arms trade protesters with conspiracy to commit criminal damage (which carries a 10 year sentence). The so called criminal damage was alleged to have occurred when the protesters super glued shut the factory gates. Hey they haven’t got a hope in hell of the charges sticking, but that won’t stop them wasting public money to put the frighteners on any would-be protesters.

Meanwhile Sussex filth with the help of a FIT police surveillance officer searched the houses of two EDO activists (one presumes not for WMD’s which could be found in the manufacturing line of EDO/MBM’s war factories). Chief Superintendent Dick Barton has been placed in charge in hunting down any activists that dares to challenge the militaristic arms industry, that comes in oh so handy with those illegal wars and resource grabs. Dick seems to be putting in as much effort to stamping out the enemy within as he did during his time in Basra acting as a UK advisor to the Iraqi police. Just think if it wasn’t for Bush and Blair this man wouldn’t have any work to do.

[Update] The filth have cast their net further afield and Sussex police got a nice jolly to raid some people in Glasgow. Nice to know that no expenses are being shared in preventing protest.


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