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NO2ID aka the anti-revolutionary bastards.
July 28, 2008, 10:26 am
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A handful of Left wing radicals calling themselves the Cardiff Branch for Permanent Revolution (one assumes they wish to make the process of revolution the status quo) have taken upset against NO2ID for it’s association of what they call the ‘far right’:

Spokesman of the revolutionary Cardiff branch of the Judean people’s front said: “NO2ID have sold out to ‘the man’ like Galloway’s Respect party, and the far right Nazi’s the Green party. They join the long list of others supposedly right-on activist which are really in league with the evil capitalist pig dogs, in this case the baby eating UKIP, English Democrats and Freedom association.

As written by the dear leader in the holy revolutionary text of Das Capital the only way to a true socialist future is to condemn those who share some of our political objectives but fail to realize that all problems in the world can be reduced to a simplistic analysis of economic organization. Those who dare to enter into consensus politics with anyone we arbitrarily feel to have at any point hurt the revolutionary cause deserve to be condemned. The response of NO2ID supporters has been a pathetic attempt to satire us, their being reduced to committing anonymous satire on obscure internet blogs. This only goes to prove they in league with the capitalist classes, thus justifying further any attempts by us to disrupt their fund raising gigs.”

Having read these enlightened thoughts broadcast under the banner of promoting political thought, I’ve been inspired to look for the evil in our midst. For starters I’ve discovered that Infinity Food in Brighton once stocked Zionist dates, I therefore started a one man boycott against their products. Only then comrade Jones pointed out that my righteous zeal against these Zionist dates was actually a form of latent anti-Semitism. I’ll be writing to the wise ones at the Cardiff Branch of Permanent Revolution for guidance on this matter.


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[Update] In the spirit of free speech and promoting democracy the permanent revolution front has decreed that all further comments shall be halted as they are unable to respond to all the misinformation spread by the devious capitalists.

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