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Shock Horror
May 9, 2008, 1:42 pm
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Having only just recovered from the moral outrage that GTA IV invoked you can imagine the horror invoked by learning that young people who drink and take drugs are having more sex! Whilst this story is most likely designed to trigger outrage, I fear it also provides scientific proof that if you take drugs and drink lots you are more likely to get laid… People should be working to save up for patio extensions instead.


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Why is it that I’m growing less and less patient of these boring tosspots who seek to impose everybody’s freedoms…

Comment by moon23

Is there a website where these young people leave their names and phone numbers? Drugs and alcohol in exchange for great sex seems a terrific idea: mind you these girls had better give me top notch drugs & alcohol, I don’t do tricks for any old crap.

Comment by Geeklawyer


I’ve heard this site is particular good for finding naive teenagers. Although I’ve found it’s best if you ply them with some Crystal meth in return for the sexual favors.

Careful you don’t get a chav though, they tend to be diseased.

Comment by moon23

Can’t one cook them beforehand? So as to sterilize them?

Comment by Geeklawyer

Yes that’s one solution, although you could also keep them in a basement to avoid exposure to diseases

Comment by moon23

It could be worse.

At least their not getting their lifestyle ideas from Blair and Bush – where kinky torture BDSM, moral laxity, learning to kill people, lie, steal, cheat and be a dick in general are extolled as virtues.

Comment by Episkopos Cain

SShhh… don’t you know it’s bad luck to mention their names… what is worse is that the evil ones proclaim their own morality debasing the entire notion of morality in the process.

It’s better to be honestly evil… or unprincibled.

Comment by moon23

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