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Wanted! Brown and Smith’s grubby little prints.
April 7, 2008, 9:01 am
Filed under: ID Cards / Surveillance

Following on from my rant in which I drew attention to the German Hacker group who managed to obtain copies of a German Ministers prints, NO2ID have teamed up with privacy International to offer a reward for anyone who can obtain the prints of Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith. The Government keeps claiming that Biometric technology is a ‘magic bullet’ that will help secure our Identities on the proposed National Identity Register. The sad reality is that fingerprints are easy to get hold of (from glasses, door knobs etc). Although they are unique to each of us, we also leave copies off them whether we go! Anyone can relatively easily create a mold from a print and use this mold to commit identity theft.  Any government minister who stands up and suggests that ID cards will secure our identities because they use biometric technology can now been seen as a complete laughing stock to the rest of the nation. It is reported that Brown’s prints are rumored to be found alongside Blair’s on a dossier for the Iraq war.. first to find it wins the prize.

You can download copies of the poster if you want to put some up yourself from Privacy International







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