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Jacqui Smith Rant
March 31, 2008, 11:13 am
Filed under: ID Cards / Surveillance

I hate to bash the first female Home Secretary but Jacqui Smith really is a stupid piece of shit. On the 6th March 2008 she made her ‘speech’ on ID cards. I say speech but really that implies that the sounds coming out of her mouth were forming a coherent and rational position. Even in this jaded and cynical post-Blair world in which our brains have been cluster fucked to the point of oblivion by a vast array of overpaid  spin doctors,   who collectively group wank over  each others powers of sophistry,  which they publish in their seedy & ego pandering  PR weekly’, she still inspires a heartfelt rage. The type of rage that makes the 1968 student protest look like a candy box  (Christmas special) ITV ‘dramatization’ of Dickens in which Jamie Oliver cooks the Christmas feast for Tiny Tim.  She is incapable of actually understanding the most basic points of IT security when it comes to ID and the Database state: 

“Because your name will be linked by your fingerprints to a unique entry on the National Identity Register, you will have much greater protection from identity theft – no-one will be able to impersonate you, like they can now, just by finding our your name and address and personal details.” 

Uh well maybe, but then again if you had a brain rather than a sponge for soaking up neo-labor double speak you would have realized that this is going on. As much as I will enjoy purchasing a copy of Blair’s fingerprint and using it to steal his identity thus draining his various Swiss bank accounts of the proceeds from his pathetic lecture tours I am slightly worried about my own identity.


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I agree, Chuck her out!!!

Comment by Robin

I agree, Jacqui Smith is an idiot and is turning Britain into a place where nobody is going to want to live, if ID cards come into effect then i’m out of here!


Comment by jb

I feel so much better now i’ve found this page. Reading about the plans to accelerate mobile phone surveillance in today’s ‘Sunday Times’ and seeing her name stamped on it would have made me scream ‘CUNT!’ at 10,000 decibels were i not in a restaurant.

After her hypocritical backing of upgrading cannabis earlier this year i now dream that one day we might be able to ship her to Guantanomo Bay and throw away the key. At what point Jacqui did you lose your humanity and any sense of liberality you dumb twat?

Comment by luc bouchard

It’s always heartning to see there are others who think she has lost the plot.. I’ve posted a few times about the reclassification of Cannabis, another reactionary move following a few alarmist stories in the press.

Jacqui Smith Enemy of the Pothead

Jacqui Stray s from path of the Righteous

Another Cannabis rant

UK Drug laws put me on a downer

Brown Hard on drugs soft on facts

Comment by moon23

It’s disgraceful that you should attack a person with breasts. That’s horribly sexist. What matters. what is revolutionary, is not that she has any decent policies but that she looks good in a skirt.

From your tone I’d imagine you were critical of Margaret Thatcher too.

Shame on you, shame! boooooo.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Man that is so funny, and so true. You know i work in the Home Office and its pathetic how all they all stumble over themselves to eat out of her ass. Personally i hate her, and as a good deed i made it a point to obstruct her from getting out of a lift once. =)

Comment by ElJefe

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