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Government policy to cut funding for ELQs
March 27, 2008, 11:07 am
Filed under: Current Affairs

The Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee have raised concerns over the Government’s plans to cut £100 Million from ELQ’s. ELQs are Equivalent or Lower degree qualifications. So for instance if you did a first degree in the Arts, only to end up with a tedious career spent working in admin, whilst dreaming of a meaningful existence then it will be a lot harder for you to go and take another Bachelor’s degree. I know someone who recently returned to study at University for a second bachelors degree in Physics, they have just secured a funded PhD position. Just goes to show the potential people have if they are given the opportunity to go back into education. The reality of these cuts could see the cost of tuition fees for ELQs rise over the next few years. Many people taking these degrees are mature students who are working part-time in the evening and paying their own fees (without the help of student loans) to better themselves. I really don’t see how this fits in with the government’s continued adult learning agenda. As far as I can see it will push education out of the reach of many working adults and bind people to the educational choices they made as a teenager.


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