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March 18, 2008, 10:54 am
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Well I had a rather delightful visit to Bilbao. It’s really a city that has been transformed by the ‘Guggenheim effect’. I can see why though, it’s such an amazing art gallery that I actually left feeling rather inspired.  A particular favourite of mine was Richard Serra’s The Matter of Time installation. Being largely quite a cynical person it takes quite a place to make me think positively about what humans can create, but this place managed it. It was an interesting time to visit the Basque region, with the Spanish elections taken place. There were a few Spanish anarchists and Basque separatist on the streets urging people not to vote, and turnout in the region was down to 60% compared to a higher average of around 70% throughout the rest of Spain.  

The hospitality of people I visited was splendid and I had an excellent dinner at a local gentleman’s club with some interesting people. I couldn’t help but think about the Spanish anarchist across the road in their squat as I ate my foi grois (a rather disappoint food made enjoyable only by a sadistic smugness at the cruelty caused in it’s consumption). My command of the Spanish language was however rather embarrassing, and I realized quite how uncultured it is possible to be when one spends the majority of their time in the UK.  Best of all, the Riojca. 



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Charon will be most pleased with conversion to the cause of Rioja.

I find Foi Gras the ultimate in pleasure for the same reasons as you: massive unjustified cruelty in it’s creation and the pleasure of knowing that its opulence and extravagance is an additional cruelty to the poor. I plan to open a restaurant in London when I retire and I plan to hire orphans and handicapped and the homeless to sit in meek famished misery as they watch you eat. That should enhance the pleasure almost beyond belief.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Too true, as I sat savoring the liver made ripe by cruelty, surrounded by oak paneled walls, which were silk lined. I mused on having just walked past the portrait of the club’s presidents within the reign of the Franco regime, that such great art can still be produced under a fascist regime is testimony to our great European civilization. Waiters in tailcoats subserviently topped up my fine wine as soon as my glass was emptied. The enjoyment was only slightly soiled by knowing that unfortunately women were now allowed in (but thankfully only as guests and not full members). Upon leaving I noticed a pathetic African street beggar, who had perhaps once thought that life would be better in Europe. Knowing that he had sat just outside of the grand doors, gazing at the decadence just beyond his reach, sent a lovely warm glow of superiority throughout my heart.

Might I suggest that rather than pay the orphans etc. you simply constructed your restaurant in a slum area (a suitable safe zone could be constructed for the comfort of your guests) a perplex barrier could then make up the floor allowing the poor people to shuffle in and sit underneath (thus symbolizing their proper place). Particularly charitable guests could perhaps throw a few discarded scraps down to them in return for some kind of humiliating performance of tricks.

Comment by moon23

It’s an intriguing idea. I suppose dinner guests could arrive by helicopter to avoid the masses, or perhaps a convoy of armoured limousines. Perhaps customers could hunt down one or two of the scum for post dinner fun? Why didn’t you kick the African beggar? I mean, he was a beggar AND black?!

Comment by Geeklawyer

I’ve thought about this and have already identified a supply of Hummer Limousines (http://www.limousine-denver.com/hummer/H2/front-side3.jpg). Guests would then walk down a red carpet flanked by flaming torches whilst a phalanx of security guards dressed as roman legionnaires (complete with banners made from real golden eagles and helmets with snow leopard skins) protect them. This spectacle would surely get you a place in the Telegraph food review section. The hunting is a jolly good idea, (another civil liberty new labor have banned).

Back to your question though, I didn’t kick this chap as I didn’t want to risk dirtying my crocodile boots. I do really think that complimentary canes should have been provided.

Comment by moon23

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