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Shooting from the hit, a quickfire post
March 6, 2008, 2:25 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

I’m far too busy at work at the moment to really do much of a post, but just quickly. Jacqui Smith was at it again trying to convince of us of the benifets of ID cards. Their softly softly catch the monkey approach means that the cards will be rolled out to various small groups (Airport workers apparently being amongst the first). Of course because Biometric fingerprint technology has been cracked this scheme is a big pile of shit. I was sad to hear via the metro (the source of many a blog post) about the death of Gary Gygax. This was the genius who created dungeons & dragons which is amongst the best role play games ever. Role playing is amongst the things I rate most highly as adds a realm of colour and make believe to our lives.  I’m off to Spain this weekend, which will involve overcoming my mortal fear of flying. Still the rewards of Riojca await those who are brave. Then I’m back down to Brighton to hopefully get drunk with Geeklawyer. Something at which we both excel.


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