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EU Biometric Borders
February 26, 2008, 1:44 pm
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I’ve just about calmed down from my annoyance that resulted from reading about the EU’s plan to collect biometric details. For some time now the British Government has been gearing itself up for a data capturing exercise. Much like Caesar Augustus and William the Conquer neo-labour thinks that you need to know a vast amount of information about every individual. This opens countless people to unwarranted snooping, surveillance and puts them at risk of data theft. Currently there are over 1,000 requests to put people under surveillance every day. Not just by the police but by hundreds of different government agencies. A friend of mine at work recently had her local council take covert pictures of her putting out rubbish on what was meant to be the wrong day (I kid you not). Just one such example with our nations obsessive desire for the ‘security’ that this type of surveillance is meant to produce. The sad thing was there was nothing in the photo to say what day it was! Doh!

Well now it seems the EU (possibly soon to be lead by euro-president Blair) want in on some of the action. Not only are they marching ahead with the sharing of information between police forces, and pushing for an EU wide ID card. They are also planning to fingerprint and collect data on everyone (including EU citizens) traveling between member states. This information will be entered into a database (you know those things that are now used to scare you about not having a TV license or road tax) and nice automated algorithms will be run to determine things like your ‘threat level’. It’s hard enough fighting against the UK government to protect freedoms against the ID cards scheme, the prospect of campaigning against the EU as well is rather disheartening.


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I think you will find it worse than that…’Britain wants the system extended to sea and rail travel, to be applied to domestic flights’


Haven’t time to go into more detail but look at the other links from that article

Comment by Scunnered, O'Aberdein

That doesn’t surprise my unfortunately. All this information will be shared throughout the various government agencies and probably be put onto the National ID card database. The Yanks will also be sent it I’m sure. Once you start collecting this information for travel across states and domestic flights then we are only a step away from collecting it for domestic travel too. How long will it be before all of our movements and transactions are put under this high degree of electronic and automatic surveillance?

Comment by moon23

Even better, the work for creating and maintaining a database will likely be outsourced. Funny thing is…the sort of people who sit on the boards of companies who are good at this sort of thing are usually “ex” spies with good political ties. At least two EU countries have approached an Israeli company with ex-CIA head and NeoCon thug James Woosley on the board of directors, looking for help in creating national ID databases, for example. If the EU does go ahead, I very much doubt they will keep the entire project “in-house”.

Comment by Episkopos Cain

[…] The scheme was meant to be a shinning example of new biometric security measures, in line with the current moves within the EU to collect this information on all travellers. The technology itself has some serious flaws in that it is relatively easy to […]

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