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Geeklawyer has new site
February 12, 2008, 10:55 am
Filed under: Current Affairs

Well just to keep you updated Geeklawyer is still under siege from a DDOS attack which is being launched from a range of IP address listed in the US. In the meantime Geeklawyer has taken up a new home at here. The Blarite sycophant’s ravings are getting even more deranged though


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Ha… I will always defeat the evil Blair hater Geeklawyer

My blog has far more support

Comment by Keeptonybliarforpm

Oh dear, you mean Keep Tony Blair for PM is serious about all this? I was hoping we had found our next Jonathan Swift.

Comment by Episkopos Cain

Well for a good time I found it quite hard to accept that he was an actual person. I thought perhaps he was some twisted creation of my own pysche, perhaps some Karmic punishment for eating Hot Dog buns. Alas it seems that he is real, or the Uber-Troll

Comment by moon23

It would need some serious sinning for a punishment like that.

Comment by geeklawyer

Arggh!! the keeptonybliar blog has been deleted!! Another vicious attack on free speech?

Comment by geeklawyer

I suspect you have a larger than average capacity for committing sin 🙂 who knows about the Keepbliarforpm blog, maybe whoever it was writing it thought it best to cut it short in it’s prime rather than to go on into a second or third series. It was jolly amusing whilst it lived, although it was hard to tell which site was which sometimes.

Comment by moon23

Speaking of disappearing blog entries…is it just me, or has our delusional friend deleted the entry which started all this off? Try as I might, I can’t seem to find it, and previous links are directing me to a 404.

Comment by Episkopos Cain

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