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DOS attack on Geeklawyer’s website
February 11, 2008, 5:48 pm
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It’s sad to see that the associated goons at the keeptonyblairforpm have seen fit to launch a DOS attack against Geeklawyer’s blog. The illogical mistake that some of these people make is to think that it’s acceptable to censor text that they don’t like. As if they are the law themselves. It’s tempting to shut down this site using the same methods, but that would only make me as low as them. I also give them the decency to say what they think, despite disagreeing with it.

They honestly think that by making a joke about how assassinating Tony Blair would be good PR for the ragheads is some kind of moral outrage! They really remind me that the reactions some Muslims’ had to the Danish cartoons, it seems that the west has its own fundamentalist.


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Yes… it appears to be a DOS situation. GL is a humourist…. His blog is amusing… bizarre, surreal – and, it has to be said, odd.. at times… BUT he doesn’t charge a licncence fee… and, most important…. Russell Brand does not pop up every five minutes

I do hope the penny finally drops…

Hogarth… Peter Cook….. Swift…..? I’m even tempted to add Gervaise….

There are enough serious problems in the world without people getting so worked up, becoming smug, self-satisfied about their own absurd self-importance to set up what appears to be an alternative Taliban or Police Community Support Officer convention on the web.

I despair…. Soon we will all have to watch Strictly Come Dancing on the telly… instead of exploring oddities on the net.

Why do the British feel the need to set up Committees… and become self-righteous?

One thing one can be fairly sure of – the real Tony Blair is unlikely to be worried, reading blogs, ….. or give a damn about this issue.

I have not met Tony Blair. I am reasonably reliably informed he is a fairly strong character…. and has a good sense of humour. he would have had to to go to Fettes.

Comment by charonqc

I have a temporary blog up. http://geeklawyer.wordpress.com/

No doubt the juvenile fans of free speech will try and take that down too!

Comment by geeklawyer

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