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Looney Blairites get a bit (too) excited over Geeklawyer
February 6, 2008, 5:10 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

I’m enjoying a rather humorous flame war that has developed between Geeklawyer and some sado Blarite. I’ve always wondered who these people were who voted for Blair, and now I’ve discovered one of them. They are trying to get Geek put on trial under a neo-labour anti-terror law. For some reason they have got it into their head that the police have nothing better, and therefore need to spend their time locking people up for such reasonable suggestions that Islamic extremist would gain more respect if they took out Blair. I can imagine it now, bands of Blairite vigilantes patrolling the internet against the ‘enemy within’, sharing their moral outrage with each other (along with their kiddie photos). Meanwhile the rest of us can engage in a new sport of Blarite baiting.


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I am enjoying it all greatly. I am as fascinate by this weirdo – one can understand career politicians sucking up to the Dear Leader but what is in the head of people like this? Most odd.

Comment by Geeklawyer

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