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Myth and Reality
February 4, 2008, 2:55 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

I was somewhat perplexed to read that one in four Brits thinks Winston Churchill was a myth. I don’t know why this shocked me quite so much considering that everyday I meet people who hold completely stupid views. I guess there must be people who voted for Blair, so if people are that dumb, then maybe one in four thinking Churchill is a myth isn’t so shocking. Perhaps rather than thinking these people didn’t exist, they were actually making a clever philosophical comment about the way in which historiography creates myths about famous people. I mean are not all of our identities part myth and part reality? Will people think Blair was fictional in years to come? Is this what his legacy will be? Maybe he was just a horrible nightmare? Blast, I feel an existential crisis coming on.


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Myth? Yea he’s obviously a Mythter – no breasts at all.

Sorry, I’ll get my coat.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Hee hee…

It does seem particularly scary, though – I mean, I know lots of people are so ignorant about the recent past, let alone the distant one, but there’s so much banging on and rhetoric about Churchill still I would have thought even the people in this survey couldn’t be THAT dumb! How are they not engaged with the world’s past?

I feel like more and more I should become a history teacher – I heard our childminder’s daughter ask the other day, “What’s Magna Carta?”, and her brother said, “You’ll do it in Year Seven – it’s something about French people I think…” And I got all anoraky about how it was a key moment in our democratic development, and then felt like I must sound very old and be just doing a stereotypical, “What are they teaching you kids these days…?” rant. But really, what’s going wrong in schools where they’re not letting kids know these things are exciting?

Comment by Jon

I really like to think that people will think Blair is fictional in the future, though! That’ll teach him to chase a legacy, the ego-manic bastard!

Comment by Jon

Are you saying that the Blair Witch Project WASN’T fictional? Now I’m really scared……

Comment by Ho Hum

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