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BBC’s new M(i)cro$oft-Player
January 17, 2008, 9:57 am
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My blood pressure is being put under pressure at every TV advert I have to watch for the BBC’s new iPlayer. This is the piece of software that would allow me to both practice Morris dancing and enjoy spooks; software that would allow me to both go to the pub and watch torchwood. However the DRM software they insist on using is only compatible with fucking Microsoft so the Bill Gates hegemony continues…. Grrr…. What’s even worse is they appropriate the language of apple by calling it an iplayer, this is probably just designed to rub salt into the wound and make PC users feel like they slick and cool rather than a bunch of  clunky virus ridden spam bots.


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Not to mention the fucking cost. What they should have done was released it under the BBC creative archive license & forget DRM’d proprietary crap.

Comment by Geeklawyer

That’s what you get for buying something for its aesthetics!

I can see why you’re angry. You’re essentially subsidising PC owners with your licence fee, while not using up any of the bandwidth. They get to watch online content while you… er, look at how pretty your Mac is.

That’s why I use a PC. So does Pete Oppenheimer, but then he does real work so he’d have to.

Tim Cook uses a Macbook Air; we all laugh at him when he’s not looking.

Comment by Steve Jobs

mmm. when you put it like that staring and meditating on the aesthetic beauty of my mac is probably more enjoyable than watching any of the BBC’s output. Thanks I feel better now 🙂

Comment by moon23

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