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Nuclear Power Stations to provide a solution to climate change
January 10, 2008, 10:44 am
Filed under: Environment

France has the lowest Carbon footprint of any country in Europe. Why – Because they are prepared to adopt Nuclear power as a solution to our energy problems. Here in the UK we could have a load of new shiny reactors providing low CO2 energy, as opposed to having new Gas and Coal stations that are often reliant on imports. However the likes of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have been putting a spanner in the works, by using the High court to object to the government consultation. Overblown fears about radioactive waste and a small risk to human health are outweighing the long term global risk of climate change. The French manage their nuclear waste perfectly well, so why can’t the UK? Unfortunately fears around Nuclear energy persist largely based on disasters such as Chernobyl and concepts surronging the ‘unatural’ manner in which the energy is produced ( ssshh don’t tell them the sun is a form of nuclear reaction). Technology since then has progressed to such an extent that ‘Meltdowns’ are no longer possible in modern reactors with power failure leading to automatic shut of procedures which close the reactor down.   

Today however the government has signalled that it is about to go ahead with a plan to build new reactors. For Green activists such as myself who think Nuclear energy is the only practical short-term solution to climate change this is a step forward in the fight against climate change.


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