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Cameron and Brown Clash over ID cards in PMQs
January 9, 2008, 1:53 pm
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The clunking Stalinist fist of Gordon Brown was today tempted into showing it’s hand on ID cards by the vacuous face of modern politics ‘Eton twat-boy Cameron’. There have been hopes amongst many of opposed to ID cards that following a series of momentous government cock-ups over data security Brown might quietly drop the ID card scheme. After all his premiership isn’t looking all that rosy at the moment, not only is he is storing up troubles with the Unions by trying to settle three years worth of shit pay rises with the public sector. He is also apparently still intent on pushing through ID cards. Yes he confirmed today in PMQs that the government’s policy is still to make ID cards compulsory following the required vote in parliament and how the voluntary scheme works.

This is nothing new however. The IPS website states The National Identity Scheme will eventually become compulsory. This means that all UK residents over 16 will need to have an ID card. However, you will not need to carry your ID card with you.” Note no mention that the legislation to make them compulsory has not yet passed parliament. When asked in the Observer on the 6th January about Id cards Gordon made the following statement ““under our proposals there is no compulsion for existing British citizens.”. I find it hard to imagine possibly what made him say this given that it has been government policy all the long to make ID cards compulsory. Something the Home Office website is all to happy to boast about.  I’m guessing it’s either A Incomeptance or B an attempt to sneak ID cards in by portraying them as innocent and voluntary.

Brown is of course a politician, which is perhaps why he can get away with using phrases like voluntary to describe the process of automatically being given an ID card when applying for a passport. Yes it’s voluntary so long as you want to forge your right to freely travel abroad. What happens when the private sector makes producing an ID card a nessiary requirement to Hire a Car, Rent a House, Have a Mortgage, Open a bank account? Will it still be ‘Voluntary’ then?


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I suspect the latter myself. As a UK resident, not citizen (or subject, to be accurate) I have no choice but to get an ID card. Also, if you make ID cards voluntary, either to have or carry, the whole premise on which they have been sold (the fallacious theory they will reduce crime) vanishes.

They’re trying to soften the blow, nothing more. And absolutely, it will be voluntary until you need to do something which nearly every person in this country needs at a basic level. Or it will be opt-out, not opt-in. Cue 20,000 forms to fill in, and any mistakes will get you issued a card regardless.

Comment by Episkopos Cain

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