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Police Raid Prince of Wales in Mosley….. looking for Drunks
January 7, 2008, 12:29 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

Birmingham may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Although I would encourage those who mock the place to hold off until they have visited Mosley. Having drunk and got drunk there own a few occasions myself I was startled to see that the Prince of Wales had been the victim of a police raid. You might think that this was a raid against drugs or illegal cock fighting both popular pastimes in Mosely :). In fact this raid involving 12 officers was an attempt to crack down on Binge drinkers… Yes it seems the police saw fit to enter the pub in order to sniff out drunks! They drew a chalk line out the back of the pub, and forced customers to walk in a straight line along it, which is some test against sobriety (a bit like an authoritarian version of  hopscotch). If somebody is acting orderly then surely being drunk on private premises isn’t an offence? They then proceeded to accuse the landlord of serving drunk people.  Jeez imagine being handed out a fixed penalty notice by a policeman for simply being pissed in your local! Seems the police now under pressure to be seen as doing something about ‘binge drinking’ have completely over stepped the mark. Just the sort of reactionary policing that treads our civil liberties under foot.  New Labour have helped encourage this sort of arbitrary policing, lets hope that this investigation into their behaviour causes a bit of a re-think.   


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