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Truckers of the world Unite!
December 12, 2007, 11:10 am
Filed under: Current Affairs

Truckers don’t seem to be the happiest of people at the moment. Perhaps it is the self-realization that they belong to a polluting trade reliant on a dwindling supply of fossil fuels or maybe it’s because they just want to make a living. Globalization and freight traffic are the by-products of centralized methods of production that in turn require a lot of distribution. The fickle Global market forces that created the need for freight have however also used up a lot of the Oil that these machines run off. As such the cost of Diesel has risen and in a retailers market, the freight industry has suffered. The transition between these jobs that rely on the Oil industry and jobs within Green industries will not always be an easy ride.   

Whereas the Italian police were happy to murder Carlo Giuliani who fought against the forces of the market that exploit both people & plane, they seem reluctant to tackle these protests. Instead Italy is held ransom to the Diesel lobby much like the UK was in 2000. Perhaps Thatcher would have tackled these protests like she did the Miners Strike (another mass prol movement based on the desire to maintain a fossil fuel based industry). Capitalism giveth and Capitalism  taketh.  Any society that relies on the Oil industry is going to have to get used to this sort of thing. The empty shelves in Italy show us just how reliant we have become on the forces of capital and how much need there is for a change.


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