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The Death Knell to ID cards?
November 20, 2007, 7:20 pm
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I’m sure the loss of 25 Million people’s personal and private data wasn’t what HM Revenues and Customs intended. So might it be possible to blame this incident on a single one off administrative error? Well it might if there wasn’t already a growing list of similar blunders then maybe, just maybe. Unfortunately this is just the latest in a series of basic data security failures. The problem the government has is that it hold such a huge amount of data, and it only takes one mistake for this data to be compromised. Once it’s fallen into the wrong hands there is no hope, as it will be sold onto to criminal gangs willing to commit Identity fraud. The disks may well have already been copied or the information on them uploaded onto the internet.

What worries me the most is that with the induction of the ID card system the amount of personal and private data the government holds is going to increase by a huge amount. It’s not hard to imagine a similar mistake occurring with the scheme. If fact I’d be more surprised if everything went smoothly. Especially when you take into account that different private companies will be responsible for creating the scheme at various parts. Not that private companies are less secure data controllers than HM Gov, simply that the more organizations you have working on the project the higher the chances of a mistake like this.

I can’t help but feel that centralizing our most personal and private data on the National Identity register is going to be a very bad idea. The Tories apparently agree as the Shadow Chancellor “final blow for the ambitions of this government to create a national ID database” as “they simply can not be trusted with people’s personal information”.

Millions of people have been put at serious risk of fraud and the details of every household with a child under 16 has been compromised. The government needs to scrap ID cards and review it’s data security procedures urgently.


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Let’s hope you are right. This blunder may be the best pragmatic argument against ID Cards that there is.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Well the the Beeb is running quotes like this on their front news page:

“What a complete shambles…. and I fear things will only get worse once the loathsome ID cards are introduced
Anthony H, London”

Cameron has been brining up ID cards in PMQs as well. 25 million people have just been made the victims of the Database State. The question is who was this data being sent to and why? Was it becuase of the new data-sharing plans it was being transferred?

Comment by moon23

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