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October 20, 2007, 10:03 pm
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Well it’s certainly Autumn now. …As I settled down with some of waitrose’s vintage 2006 Cox cider and my cider and apple pork chop this is what I thought to myself. Of course for retail October means Christmas and for the Burmese it means more brutal repression.

Bus inspectors, crikey these can be a nasty Bunch (i’m sure one of the creed must be nice). I saw a bus inspector reduce and over 60s person to tears this week as they rudely confiscated their bus pass and accused them of fraud. It seems the misguided oldie (fuck age discrimination) hadn’t read sub clause section 4b on the back of the card, which categorically states that in no circumstances should an individual attempt to repair a bus card with selotape. I promptly informed aforementioned bus inspector that although “you are doing your job, she didn’t have to act like such a bloody fascist”. No the bus didn’t rise up in cheers as I stood up to this bully. I’m sure this was more due to the hugely engaging critical journalism of the Metro rather than any lack of British liberal spirit among my fellow commuters.

Right then they have banned smoking, now they are coming after our booze. Yes I’m now publicly endorsing the term ‘Health Fascist’. What you mean that middle class people are drinking too! So much for Brown’s classless society, there is even a distinction. I don’t Binge drink.. I’m middle class and drink hazardously don’t you know.


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