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Hickey’s boycott plans in ruins.
October 1, 2007, 4:04 pm
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Tom Hickey & Co’s plan to boycott Israeli academics has been stopped dead in its tracks by the UCU’s lawyers. They have thankfully ruled that such a boycott would be unlawful. This boycott was a pointless piece of political grandstanding that sought to discriminate against Israeli scholars because of the actions of their state (see earlier post). There are countless states throughout the world that commit Human Rights violations and grave atrocities against people. The British and American governments have themselves been complicit in such atrocities such as those committed in Iraq and Camp X-ray. Iran also indulges in a good ole public flogging for such heinous crimes as adultery. All possible candidates for a Hickey boycott you might think…

 Within academia however people come together to research in areas of mutual interest. International conferences are a rich exchange of idea and understanding. This boycott if successful would have seen the UCU trying to prevent Israeli academics attending conferences in Peace Studies or Conflict Resolution.  An extreme example granted, but it goes to show how many individuals who perform excellent research that benefits mankind would have found them cut off British academia.  It wasn’t born out of any attempt to seek peace, but rather a myopic RESPECT  vision of politics in which black and white are the only colours.

This is a crushing defeat for Tom the ‘Brighton Icon’; a defeat that brings me immense personal gratification.  Right now I can picture him blaming the UCU lawyers for being implicit in a ‘Zionist Conspiracy’ amongst a barrage of excuses and claims that he merely sought to ‘encourage debate’.


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I think you and I will not agree on this – this is a case where I will support Hickey (whether or not he’s an arse elsewhere).

Any measure that harasses Zionism and its lick-spittles is fine by me. Nor do I agree Israeli universities are innocent in this: least of all in an era when Palestinian students are deprived of exit visas to attend universities elsewhere in the world.

Comment by Geeklawyer

That’s because you think Israeli is the root cause of problems in the middle-east, and never consider that it may be the way it has had to react to hostile neighbours that have forced it lurching to the right. It’s too complex a problem for Zionist bashing to be a solution. That attitude just polarizes opinion further.

If you follow the boycott logic through though then half the world could boycott British Universities for supplying weapons technologies that were used in an illegal war with Iraq. Most states have committed some kind of human rights violation at some time. Restricting the academic freedoms of all those who live in these states is hardly very Babylon 5. It doesn’t seem a way forward in brining about a peaceful solution, although I’m sure it appeals to people like Hickey who like to bang their fists on the table.

Comment by moon23

Well yea I do think Israel is the cause of virtually all significant problems in the middle east. It is the creation of, mostly, American Jews post WW2. The world would be a much cosier place if the yanks hadn’t tuck their noses in, as usual.

Comment by Geeklawyer

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