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Folk Weekend
September 25, 2007, 11:37 am
Filed under: Morris, Mumbo Jumbo

A cold and tired reality has returned to my life following the folk festival. Our motley crew included the pillar of civil society formerly known as Geeklawyer and recent tankard convert Harry. Tired from being guided at high speeds by multiple GPS systems both Geeklawyer and Harry set about an admirable drinking session on the Friday night. On the Saturday something strange happened, perhaps it was the heady exposure to proper Yorkshire culture in the form of pea and pies and quality ales…. Or perhaps it was kismet…..

They both discovered an aesthetic appreciation of Morris dancing (the Rivington Ladies a particular favorite of Geeklawer) could be merged with a Geeky love of various film & picture capturing device. Yes never before has discussions around traditional folk dances been synthesized with debates on the variable factors that can influence the battery life of one’s gadgets. Richard also deserves a mention at this stage, for overcoming his phobia of Morris dancers in a spectacular fashion which involved joining in with side. Surely this chap must be a natural dancer as well as an accomplished guitarist.

Saturday night accumulated in the Ceilidh in which Harry proved himself to be an old-hand. It was heartening to see Harry take Geeklawyer under his wing and introduce him to the moves. With due credit GL’s amusing initial steps into this previously alien world soon evolved into a series of graceful skips and twirls.

Shaking off our hangovers and rinsing out our tankards Sunday started with an athletic climb on some local rocks. Harry would have been happy to sit and watch (as might I) but Richard took the lead. Not wanting our brave masculinity to be usurped the rest of us soon followed up the West slope of the face. My good wife ( in her fabulous new boots) and Leucha looked on with fearful eyes as the men folk faced death in the eye. Richard and I went for a more unusual descent that resulted in grazed body parts and a drop that risked sprained ankles. Still our catlike agility saved the day despite the slightly dizzy feeling caused by the previous nights drinking. The New Rope String Band provided the entertainment for the Sunday evening, and jolly fine entertainment it was too. On Monday I slept, and occasionally felt sorry for those who were driving instead of sleeping. Having your friends scattered across the country isn’t always the most convenient of arrangements.

All in all it was a Jolly Fine weekend.


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Graceful?! You’re mad – but it was fun

Comment by Geeklawyer

ok, maybe entertaining is a more accurate descriptive….

Comment by moon23

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