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Yes I am just about still writing…
September 18, 2007, 2:15 pm
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It’s good to see that the Nuffield Council on Bioethics calling for innocent people’s DNA to be removed from the national database.  

There hasn’t been much time for blogging at the moment what with the arrival of a new cohort of research students in the University where I work. As I type they a gathering again like a horde of educated zombies. Still I should by the looks of things be happy that some international students have showed up. 

 I am looking forward to the imminent visit of my chums Geeklawyer & Harry. Unable to keep away from a folk festival weekend he’s ditching his bike in favor for a camper van. I have forewarned local shops in the area to increase orders of Mead, Pear Cider and other sweet tipples in anticipation of the ensuring debauchery. Pictures of aforementioned Lawyer at a Celdlih to follow? I’m sure a folk festival will be a new experince for both of them, so here is to hoping they have a good time.  

Finally doing its bit to dispel panic stricken run on Northern Rock the mail ran with the headline BLACK MONDAY. Thank Christ for the media. 


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