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Herr Redwood for Tory Leadership
August 14, 2007, 10:41 am
Filed under: Current Affairs

I am indebted to Geeklawyer for brining to my attention Herr Redwood’s heroic attempts to free British Industry from the fetters of unnecessary and costly Health & Safety legislation.  I’m pleased to see this morning that he is speaking out against the environmentalist agenda that is destroying the conservative party from the inside. In a direct challenge against the leftist Cameron the issues are raised in his economic policy review (Mein Economy for the motherland) to be released this Friday. We all know that the British Industry is being chocked by congestion, yet only Herr Redwood seems willing to take a stand.

Yes not only do we need to scrap Health & Safety legislation and the Data Protection act, we also need a doubling of the amounts of roads we have in this country, expansion of our airports and more nuclear power plants. This will provide the infrastructure and backbone upon which Britain can thrive. With Herr Redwood’s vision we would no longer need to belong to the Commie EU or be chained by their attempts to rob us of our industrial spirit. We can stand proud for progress next to our American brothers.Herr Redwood’s policy review is timely, for at present there is a barbaric horde of eco-terrorists at the gates of Heathrow. These selfish anarchists are threatening the summer holidays of decent upstanding citizens simply to be seen as rebellious amongst their peers. I suspect that their so-called climate camp will be used as distraction for Al-Qaeda to launch an attack. New Labor who is in the pocket of Liberty may talk tough about using Sec 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000, but they will be bullied by the extreme-left’s  propaganda mouthpiece aka The Guardian. They will undoubtedly shy away from detaining these eco-terrorists for 90 days they deserve whilst they are properly investigated.

Herr Redwood is needed to Keep Britain Strong. He would not hide behind the threat of Islamic Terrorism to thwart the eco-anarchists. He would use the Bill that was rightly brought in before the 9/11 for it’s true purpose, to keep Britain safe.Of course we all now these irresponsible anarchists are in league with the Commie EU. They have spread their lies about global warming in order to deceive people, turning folk against the hardworking men of industry whose Oil companies provide progress and jobs for the economy. They are intent on the economic ruin of our fine nation, and want nothing more to deprive hard working Brits of the fruits from their Christian labors.


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