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Half-baked ID card scheme rumbles on…
August 10, 2007, 2:43 pm
Filed under: ID Cards / Surveillance

Well the government has put the ID card project out to tender. Shame it isn’t putting the scheme out to grass…. I guess we will have to wait until a large sum of tax payers’ money is diverted into the hands of the likes of Crapita and US software companies before the plug gets pulled. I mean looking out how private companies manage our immigration detention camps.  I have every faith in their ability to securely look after our most sensitive personal and biometric information.

Meanwhile Professor John Daugman has warned that the scheme will produce up to 40,000 false matches when we are all logged onto the database. With a typically blasé approach to expert opinion on the subject government’s response was to dismiss the concerns and claim that in reality there will be a person there to check the ID card and resolve these anomalies.  Although this would cause considerable queues at airports etc. as the authorities attempt to identify if somebody is who they say there are it will cause a lot more problem with fully automated systems. The private sector is already piloting schemes that will soon use of biometric information for instance Clubscan( which according to their website is The Ultimate Marketing tool) which is run by IDScan is being investigated by the Information Commission for potential breach of the data protection act. When the ID card scheme is up an running companies will for a fee be able to verify people are who they say they are. Aside from creating the mother of all data logs on the movement of people this use of the system will also be vulnerable to the false matches.

Now if you are in a Bank, a Night Club, Library, Shop and the system says you are not who you say you are this is going to cause you a big problem.


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