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Another Cannabis rant…
July 27, 2007, 10:00 am
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Yea.. Yea.. I know I’m posting again about cannabis, but it’s an issue that goes beyond my own self interests and cuts to the heart of the relationships between the individual and the state as well as the reporting of scientific studies in the media.As you will have most likely seen and heard in the press today there has been some research released that happily concedes with Gordon Brown’s & Jacqui Smith’s decision to review the classification of Cannabis. Some of the press are reporting claims that regularly smoking cannabis can more than double your chances of suffering a psychotic illness. Well let’s be clear here the average person is at round a 1% risk of being effected by this illness so the heaviest smokers may have increased this risk to 3%. Of course if you read the study it is clear that there is not a certain casual link. For instance people who already suffer from the disease or are prone to suffer from it maybe people who are more likely to smoke cannabis. Self-medication is not an unknown phenomena and it is widely know that people suffering from mental illnesses are far more likely to drink heavily and partake in ‘risk-taking’ behaviour such as drug taking. In other words they are nuts and used to altered-states of perception so they are more likely becuase of the illness to smoke cannabisSky news went a little further and claimed that just smoking weed once could increase the chances by %41 percent. The %41 percent risk increase figure was actually the average for everyone who smoked cannabis so using this figure to make statements about someone who has smoked it once is misleading as they will be at the extreme end of the statistics from which this figure was taken. A %41 percent increase of a %1 risk isn’t something I’m going to get too worried about.

Another headline might read research review is unable to draw conclusions on link between cannabis use and depression, anxiety and other emotional states. The study was unable to show any correlation between these and cannabis use. Like with everything in life there is often a risk involved in partaking in an activity. Studies like this are useful for providing information to adults on how they choose to life their lives. However I fear this one will be used as a political football by those wishing to take a more authoritarian approach to smoking cannabis. At least with Parliament in recess we can be saved from any moralizing MPs standing up and making speeches about it. Yes there maybe some risk involved in smoking cannabis, but so is there a risk in driving a car, going sailing, playing sport or having a drink (links between depressions etc.). What we don’t need is governments legalizing to ‘protect’ us from these risks which on a recent E-Petition response regarding a petition to legalize cannabis they claimed they had an obligation to do under the human rights act. We are not fucking morons who need politicians telling us how to live our lives. Why can’t they just leave us alone to do what we want to do with our lives rather then threatening to lock people in prison and take away their liberty for partaking in something which doesn’t hurt anyone else? There are so many risks involved in things we do, I don’t see extreme sports being outlawed even though they kill far more people then cannabis ever has. I suspect of course that what lies at the heart of this emerging crackdown is a desire to restrict behavior that doesn’t confirm with the protestant work ethic. After all if people are sitting around getting stoned they aren’t contributing to the drive for more consumption…mmm… would this be over consumption that is fucking our planet up the arse In a rather rough and un-lubricated manner?


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